Operation Raccoon City: The Right Resi Remake?

360 Magazine: Can a bold new direction for Resident Evil work?

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Biglet2450d ago

I'd love this to be a return to the highs in the Resi series, but the recent output from Capcom has been bilge across the board.

Dailynch2450d ago

Bring back isometric camera angles and painted backgrounds!!

DigitalAnalog2450d ago

Remake.. no?

Spin-off.. yes!

Tuxedo_Mask2450d ago

Not interested. Resident Evil is supposed to be about fear and a sense of hopelessness, rationing ammo because it takes place in a normal town. Is it that what we got in 4 or 5? No, but the moment I saw one of the Umbrella guys using a zombie as a (partly)human shield, I knew that this is a step even further away from what was once Resident Evil.

Amiz2450d ago

Fans ask for REmake to be ported to PS3 and 360. Capcom ports Umbrella Chronicles instead.

Fans ask for RE2 and RE3 to be remade. Capcom makes Wii rail shooters instead.

Fans want the series to return to its survival horror roots. Capcom approves a spin-off title with more action than before.

I'm senseing a trend here