Is Grand Theft Auto 5 a play-it-safe sequel?

OXM's Matt sizes up Rockstar's return to San Andreas.

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when has rockstar ever played it safe

NYC_Gamer2425d ago

never they always introduce new type of gameplay/story elements

jony_dols2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

What other developer would have had the balls to invest over $60 million in an open-world western game that was a sequel to a largely forgotten & critically panned PS2 game, and manage to turn it into one of the games of a generation.

No one, that who.

Rockstar are geniuses. Fact.

ZombieAssassin2425d ago

They won't it's just a site looking for hits. Besides didn't R* already say they plan on making some gameplay type changes...that's anything but playing it safe especially when it comes to reviews.

Thatguy-3102425d ago

I see it as giving fans what they want :) san andreas was the best out of all the GTA's what better way to revisit.

--Onilink--2425d ago

Really??? One trailer and people are already making this type or claims???? Thats just sad...

T3MPL3TON 2425d ago

Yet another person, basically being butt mad because it's in America again. Since the trailer has launched I've seen more people complaining about a games location than I ever have before.

A lot of people wanted it to be in London, even thou Rockstar already said they wont be doing anymore GTA games that aren't in America. Hell they've flat out said they think London, is a terrible place to do a game like GTA, yet people keep hoping they'll do a game in Britain. They've already said, NO. Just get over it.

consolez_FTW2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

just one trailer and a website is already calling it "play it safe"..

R* is returning to the best GTA game setting ever. they are doing it to make the fans happy and make an awesome game!

well, we all know to unfortunatly expect alot more of these types of articles all the way up till GTA5 releases.