Skyrim Races Have Come a Long Way Since Oblivion: A Visual Comparison

GR - "Orcs in Oblivion were so ugly that they could have played stand-ins for Shrek. Instead of being savage brutes, the greenskins looked comical—and not in the charmingly horrifying way of Warhammer's Orks."

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Ren_2180d ago

They do look much better in Skyrim :)

Tanir2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

they are still very ugly though, they should have learned from the beauty pack mods made for oblivion. those characters looked amazing. looks like a different game actually. for example

Edit @ Hotskys

Um lol, obviously ugly races should be ugly, but normal humans shouldnt all look ugly and bored like they do in elderescrolls games. I love the games, but seriously, none of the characters have face expressions and are just ugly, though skyrim characters are less ugly, they are still hideous

hotskys2180d ago

Orcs are supposed to be pretty?

Drake1172180d ago

Sorry but not everyone likes the dumb asian style of FF games. And thats what that sh*t looks like. I love the character style in Skyrim. Its very rugged and gritty looking like it should be.

Tanir2180d ago

thats your opinion Drake, I guess because the design is actually nice that it means its asian.

doesnt mean that skyrim characters are attractive.

Look at Witcher 2, and dragon age 2. those characters have some appeal

Iroquois_Pliskin2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I cant wait to get my hands on Skyrim!1!

inveni02180d ago

I can't believe they're doing this kind of a leap on the same generation of hardware. In my opinion, this is a bigger jump than Uncharted 1 to U2. (I'm not saying the game is prettier, just the leap in fidelity within each franchise.)

hotskys2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Really all i read from your comments is "waaaa I want anime style characters." Sorry if i disagree that characters in a medieval based game shouldn't be all glamorous. Sorry but if we're being realistic here which for a fantasy based medieval-ish rpg, they're pretty accurate. Sorry if the girls in elder scrolls games aren't running around with make-up and bikinis

Go play one of the thousands of korean mmos if that's what you're looking for, us elder scrolls fans are happy with they way things are.

Cheydinhal2180d ago

I disagree. The face mods for oblivion are definitely an improvement over the originals, but they looked really J-rpg style, which I felt didn't fit so well in TES universe.
Like Drake117 said, the character style for skyrim fits the ruggedness of the land. Fits very well in my opinion. :)

Pozzle2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago ) think every race should look like the same half-naked woman with wings and different colored skin?

How boring.

If you want to look at boobs, buy a Playboy. >_>

At least the Skyrim's races are unique and interesting to look at. You can tell genuine thought and effort went into designing the different races. They wanted to make the world seem realistic, not pointlessly sexy.

Hayabusa 1172179d ago

I have to agree with everyone else here. It took me ages to customise a female character in Oblivion that didn't look awkward and eventually I gave up and went with what I had. But I ended up really liking the way she looked in the end, pasty-faced and hunched over: made her feel more real.

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Spitfire_Riggz2180d ago

Yeah it would actually put me off of using argonians khajiit and orcs they were so stupid looking.

Now they look awesome though. Definitely gave it some replay value just on characters for me

Logan8322180d ago

I am pretty sure this is a repost.

MajorJackHoff2179d ago

lmaoooo look at the guy in the comments section of that website raging. It's actually kind of funny in a childish sort of way. Let your inner child be exposed and you will laugh. (I just sounded like a pedophile..)

Pintheshadows2180d ago

The Orcs and Khajiit in particular.

SephirothX212180d ago

I'm already playing it :).

Pintheshadows2180d ago

I hate you. But not really. I'm just jealous. You lucky bast*rd.

SpunkyMrSpiffy2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I have been playing it for awhile myself on the xbox 360 and I'm really impressed with the graphics. For the FEW people whom watched the streams and that 20min leaked footage and thought the graphics looked appalling and some people even said it looks like Oblivion graphics. It's because those were low quality streams and they weren't recording in HD. All I can say is the graphics are amazing, and hell so is the game.

ArabianKnight012179d ago

Really!? And yet you still have time to comment on n4g? Your not doing it right! LOL Any and all resemblance of a social life should and would be gone if you were...

SephirothX212180d ago

Graphics are beautiful. I'll be buying the pc version next week. I'm loving it so far. Though I completed the quest at Bleak Falls Barrow and the achievement didn't unlock. I haven't witnessed any other bugs yet though. Horses are back and the addition of sprinting to the game is great. The level design is a lot better with more puzzles and more variety. Anyway, I'm off to Whiterun to join the Imperial Legion.

I'll check out MW3 tomorrow and see if its worth buying.

SpunkyMrSpiffy2180d ago

The only thing I have a beef with is the item menu. Let me explain, when you go to apparel all you clothing items are thrown in there as a list so its tedious to find the footwear or chest-pieces ect you want to ware. Furthermore its hard to compare the stats on certain items; example would be when you look at the iron studded vest then have to scroll down 20+ items to compare to the light iron studded vest. its nothing big but the menus are a little cumbersome.

josephps32180d ago

I won't be able to play Oblivion after playing Skyrim.

Skyrim looks like next gen compared to Oblivion. Skyrim's graphics and environment just obliterates Oblivion. Even the freaking menu looks vastly better for crying out loud.

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