Uncharted 3 DLC Now Available for PS3

25 character skins from previous Uncharted games are now available for download and use in Uncharted 3's multiplayer.

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lifesanrpg2446d ago

Not a fan? Kind of a lame first DLC, but they have plans to release more.

MaxXAttaxX2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

But I don't have much of an issue with it. For the price of a PSN avatar you can get individual playable character skins. Or like 9 of them for $3.
Also, the reason they don't transfer is because they're not the same exact skins from UC2. They're newer versions of the character models.

At least it's not as bad was other games, including Batman(you know what I'm talking about), are doing.
It's nothing that will keep you from having the same experiences as everyone else. It's just MP skins.

Uncharted has some of the cheapest DLC out there. While some other games charge you up to $15 for a map pack, Uncharted would charge you $5 or $6 for new maps, characters skins, a new game mode + added trophies.

But hey, we got like 3 maps from UC2 already included in the game with a new twist to them.
How come THIS^^ never gets mentioned.

DeleteThisxx2446d ago

Yeah, this is pretty bad. I'm kind of shocked that DLC skins from U2 don't transfer over. Why should you have to rebuy them just to use them in a different game?

2446d ago
MaxXAttaxX2446d ago

They're not exactly the same skins. The character models are newer.

DeleteThisxx2445d ago


You're really trying to defend this? "The character models are newer." Give me a break. Just because the models have been updated doesn't mean we should lose access to something we already paid for.

People can hate on Capcom all they want but when I bought my costumes for SF4 Vanilla they all transferred over to every iteration.

MaxXAttaxX2445d ago

That's because SF4 and SSF4/AE character models are EXACTLY THE SAME and the game is the same. It's just an update.

Uncharted 3 is a sequel. A completely different game than Uncharted 2.


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josephps32446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

This should have been a pre order bonus.

I was thinking of buying UC3 on launch but with so many great games already released (dark souls, batman, battlefield3) and more coming (MW3, Skyrim) I just don't have the time to play it even if I bought it on launch.

So I decided to cancel my pre order because the bonus was nothing to get excited about and will get it used for $30 easily in 2012 March when I'm done with all these games.

But if they had included some more enticing pre order bonuses then I would have grabbed it now and just let it sit on my shelf until I have more time and ready to play it.

Their loss. I'm still going to be able to play it at a much lower price. So what am I losing? nothing. Whereas Naughty Dog lost a launch sale for being so shameless cheap.

ginsunuva2446d ago

Lol u suck at trolling. As if Mw3, batman, and bf3 aren't putting out way more dlc, esp batman.

josephps32445d ago

Hey Uncharted fancrybabies. Read what I wrote. I think Uncharted3 is a great game I do want it but I had to make a hard choice because within the past couple of months I had already got a small library of AAA games: DEHR, Resistance3, Rage, Dark Souls, BatmanAA, Battlefield3. All pre ordered and still got Skyrim to pick up.

I just don't have time to play all of these right now so I decided I'll pick up Uncharted3 later when I have more time.

But my point was if Uncharted3 had more enticing Pre order bonuses then I would have just picked it up now and put it on my shelf. But the only thing I'll be losing is the "Creepy Crawler Backlash" pre order bonus. Big deal.

Already I'm seeing BNIB pass unused Uncharted3 for $45. But if there was some pre order bonus that was at least $10 worth then I wouldn't have cancelled my pre order.

MaxXAttaxX2445d ago

Well, if pre-order bonuses are that big of a deal to you, then fine.... I guess.

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FunAndGun2446d ago

yay, rehashed paid DLC from U2!

Robotronfiend2446d ago

How did they get those skins back through the Vortex?! Zardoz ftw.

Fishy Fingers2446d ago

Cheap move by anyone's standards, would of expected a little more from ND.

Mr Tretton2446d ago

Sony makes these kind of decisions.

lifesanrpg2446d ago

It's just skins...not like you need to actually buy it. I agree it's lame dlc, but it's not content you NEED to buy to enjoy the game (aka batman: arkham city)

ChiVoLok02446d ago

Come on Naughty Dog u guys have never dissapointed me till now.

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