Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Sales Nearly Double PS3

According to the latest sales reports, Battlefield 3 sales on the Xbox 360 have nearly doubled the sales of the PlayStation 3 version. Worldwide sales for Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 were 2,249,092.

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lifesanrpg2451d ago

2.25 million total sales is still an impressive number, but I think they had their targets set higher. They really wanted to beat CoD, but 2.25 million isnt anything to scoff at either.

I'm surprised by the PC sales.

ddurand12451d ago

Im not sure why you or anyone else would be surprised by the low PC sale figures.

lifesanrpg2451d ago

Isn't the BF series primarily known as a PC platform game?

GamerSciz2451d ago

@lifesanrpg Yes it is primarily PC but the issue is that BF2 was about scale whereas BF3 is about scale and graphics. A lot of PC players feel BF3 isn't worth it if they don't have the PC for it. Guaranteed if the graphics were more like a HL2 Source Engine (good but not demanding) it would have sold a lot more.

PC gamers want to experience it for everything it's worth. They feel if they can't do it then why bother buying the game.

crxss2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

looks like the worst graphics win lol. i personally got it on 360 instead of my PS3 cause the triggers :\ just works better for FPS IMO.

*edit* heck even developers know the DS3 triggers suck so they map the fire and aim buttons to the R1 L1 buttons. i like how R1 and L1 work for shooters but having an actual "trigger" for a "shooting" just feels right. i'm still waiting for a DS with good triggers. hope they come out with one before the PS4 comes out otherwise I'll have to contact Ben Heck lol

C_Menz2451d ago

The PC sales are low because they don't count them all.. They surely don't count Origin digital preorders and many other digital copies as these numbers were not released. They only count physical PC copies.

GamerSciz2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I love all the disagrees. Another factor is that a lot of users still have XP and don't want to upgrade. BF3 doesn't support XP. Disagree with facts...

According to this XP is still 50% of the market share.

aquamala2451d ago

These are retail pc numbers, how many pc gamers even buy physical copies of games any more?

da_2pacalypse2451d ago

they usually sell a lot on the pc... but I think they really hurt themselves by not making this available on steam. It's really a stupid move on EA's part... why throw away the potential of sales just for the sake of their stupid game providing service... If I were a Dice employee, I would not be happy

A-Glorious-Dawn2451d ago

I downloaded the PC version.
My purchase doesn't count

Darkfocus2451d ago

it's retail PC sales whats the surprise?

duplissi2451d ago


yeah but it isnt all that demanding.... on ultra, yes but the game still looks great on medium which my 650 dollar laptop (amd a8 1.8ghz, 6gb ddr3 1066, 1gb radeon hd 6620g) handles just fine @25-50fps (depending on scale and how much is going on) which is most definitely playable and looks better than the ps3 version.

Army_of_Darkness2451d ago

All that shit talking from pc fanboys for the past several months and they cheap oUt and don't end up buying they're "next gen quality game" Lmao!!!

Brosy2451d ago

This shouldn't really come as a suprise. AAA games always sell more on 360 because it has a larger install base. I love BF3 but as much as I hate to admit it MW3 will top it in sales on the 360. Kinda makes you wonder why DICE would give any kind of early DLC or any other special treatment to PS3 owners, when the 360 is obviously making them more money.

aCasualGamer2451d ago

The irony, ooh the irony.

Dice: "This game is mainly built for our supporting PC fanbase"

The PC fanbase at launch: *casually whistles* " search for Battlefield 3 torrent..."

Dear lord this is hilarious.

superrey192451d ago

NONE of the PC digital download sales are counted which I would argue make up 90% of PC sales nowadays.

ChiVoLok02451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

@crXss Except you use R1 to shoot not the triggers...

Omega Archetype2451d ago

@C_Menz: Probably true. I bought my copy straight from Origin, so they won't count those in the NPD reports.

Only way we'll know is if EA releases that info. Not sure when they'll do that if at all.

awi59512451d ago

Digtal sales arent counted or they just guess at them and they are mostly wrong steam and other sites make major profits way beyond what these aholes can guess. Digital copies arent really counted and neither is walmart thats where most copies are sold.

Darth_Bane792451d ago

Let me see if I can put this right, the reason why xbox sales are higher than PS3, and also why PS3 would be higher than PC, is because more people in USA own xbox consoles, and less people play on PC than on any other cosole. This of course only applies to multiplatform games.

TheIneffableBob2450d ago

I really feel like the PC numbers are inaccurate.

The PC numbers for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 were larger than the Xbox 360 and PS3, and Bad Company 2 was primarily a console game.

Disccordia2450d ago

Lol at the excuse above about install base. PS3 is only 2 million behind! So really why is it that ps3 owners don't buy games? Don't tell me you're playing exclusives like R3 because nobody bought that either!

morganfell2450d ago

The issue with this sales data is this:

Follow the links and look what platform has the most people online. If 360 owners were the top buyer then they do not play MP with their purchases. That makes me also question how important some online features are if they are not in game using them.

Omega Archetype2450d ago

@Discordia: They do matter, because in America it's isn't even at all. Worldwide, yes the PS3 is only 2 million behind, however in the US the 360 is still far ahead of the PS3, hence the larger install base.

These are American numbers so it would likely be different in EU and Japan.

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fluffydelusions2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Wonder what MW3 numbers will look like. It has over 2 million preorders here in the US on 360. OT, this shouldn't really come as a surprise since FPS always sell better on 360 + preorders data pretty much showed this scenerio.

Darth_Bane792451d ago

Of course its gonna sale higher on 360, and thats because more people own 360s than PS3s. It's like comparing Hyundai sales with Mercedez Benz. So anytime you have a multiplatform game that is as popular as BF3 and MW3, the sales are gonna be higher on the one console that more people own.

andibandit2450d ago

The reason PS3 has sold less, is that PS3 owners spent their money on Ratchet & Clank.

MostJadedGamer2451d ago

PC sales are not at all surprising(even though BF3 was made for PC gamers). PC gamers simply do NOT buy games.

I expect EA to learn that lesson next time, and make consoles the lead platform in the next BF

fluffydelusions2451d ago

Well it sold over 500k so obviously PC gamers are buying it.

Stewie2k82451d ago

really they dont huh? that is so full of crap just the same as people say PS3 gamers dont buy games. i personally have tons more games on pc than my console because pc games are cheaper and the amount of awesome sales on steam too.

chak_2451d ago

oh please.

Numbers comes from VGchartz, which only count retail and not digital.

get your facts straight before saying such stupidity

Messatsu2902451d ago

What? I saw in the article where it showed pc had 450k+ sold. Maybe EA will learn next time and not put there games on shitty origin for pc. A lot of people didn't buy because of origin.

crxss2451d ago

@Stewie2k8 you mean PC games are cheaper as in free right? Lol

anonym2451d ago

This article doesn't mention the over 500,000 digital copies purchased through Origin, which puts PC sales right around a million copies. Considering how much more profitable those digital copies are, total PC profit is probably right around that of the PS3.

Furthermore, expect to see the PC have an increasingly large share of lifetime sales for the game, as sales there do not decrease as rapidly after the first week as they do on consoles. The same thing happened with Bad Company 2...first week sales favored consoles, but PC closed the gap within the first year. In fact, I believe the initial gap for BC2 was even larger than it is for BF3.

AKS2451d ago


"PC gamers simply do NOT buy games."

Really? I have purchased 167 games on my Steam account alone.

Darth_Bane792451d ago

LOL, what are you talking about? So who is playing Starcraft 2 and WOW?
It's true that consoles sale more, but that's because it's cheaper and simpler for people to play on consoles, which is also the reason there is more 360 owners, and also why there is even more Wii owners. Quantity does not equal quality.

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StraightPath2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

What the! what happen PC gamers? This is embrassing..all this talk and nothing average campaign with great multiplayer.

Xbox 360 sales are impressive even though i played the PS3 version.

kcuthbertson2451d ago

For the 70th time...they haven't counted digital sales which is where most of the sales came from... guaranteed.

and @ mostjadedgamer

I really beg to differ with that statement... I can almost guarantee I have more games for PC that I've bought than you have for PS3/Xbox360/PS2/gamecube/wii/w hatever you own combined.

The statement that all PC gamers just torrent all their games is a flat out lie.

Kleptic2451d ago

^^true that digital sales aren't included in this...

but you're dreaming if you think even with that, PC sales will come close to 360 sales...

I'm not a 360 owner, but there is NO denying that it will move more software in this genre than everything else combined...just look at the player lists on battlelog. the 360 already has well over double the PS3 and PC together...

and so what? All versions have plenty of players to support the title, and all this massive sales on 360 has done on the consumer side is cripple XBL...3 times already...

Sarcasm2451d ago

most of the sales are probably on Origin. It would have been on steam if it was available.

arnyftw2451d ago

The main reason for the low pc sales is origin. EA has lost thousands of customers because of Origin. If it came out for steam or didnt require Origin to run their sales would be a lot higher.

Kleptic2451d ago

didn't they say its coming to Steam? or was that just a rumor?

arnyftw2451d ago

Well they have some evidence but if it is coming out it hasent come out yet, and since its EA they're probably going to keep on forcing users to use Origin.

ViperX22451d ago

The PC sales are only for retail copies of the game. It does not include digital copies, i.e. one's bought from Origin.

Trebius2451d ago

easy to sell more than ps3 on a multiplat game when you have to wait a year in between exclusive releases. Lack of games means good games sell more. Just simple math.

ndl15312451d ago

exactly what i was thinking . allot of ps3 gamers just waited for uncharted 3 . thats why its no.1 at gamestop . i mysealf have both but yea seems like the 360 crowd is starving .

seinfan2451d ago

I really don't understand why all other multiplats are ignored when making this analysis. 360 only owners are not "starving" for a game. They have plenty to choose from.

akaFullMetal2451d ago

seinfan, that thing is, this couple of months, ive had resistance 3, ratchet and clank and uncharted. All this left me to leave battlefield 3, batman and others, which is what xbox owners bought since 3rd party support is small on microsofts part besides Gears which just came out. It just logical to see that xbox owners have bought battlefield more than ps3 owners.
Not saying that it is good or bad, but makes since, it just is good for Dice and EA.

04soldier2451d ago

"seems 360 crowd is starving"

I've been saying that for years. But the 360 fans always use the 'our fewer games are better than your 10 exclusives argument' :\

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trouble_bubble2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )


Ah yes, the ever present yet off topic Gears sales and exclusive bashing. Speaking of damage control, lol. That doesn't exactly scream "neutral bi-partisan" now does it?

You shouldn't be talking about exclusives being average in the same sentence you're promoting the screen tear camper fest that is BF3 anyways. It's in the same meta range as KZ3, R3, and multiplat Crysis 2 so it hardly stands taller, especially afa the campaign.

When every other multiplat FPS this year (Crysis1, Rage, Bodycount, Bulletstorm, Duke Nukem, F3AR, Sniper, Flashpoint, Brink, Section8, Homefront) has scored lower than exclusives KZ3 & R3, you know you're barking up the wrong mediocrity tree. Buying 2 copies of an avg game doesn't make it better either.

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ATi_Elite2451d ago

1. those PC sales are the retail copies (hard copies) sold and do not include the DIGITAL copies sold in which most PC Gamers use DIGITAL.

BFBC2 is almost 4 million on the PC but VG chartz shows 640K for the PC.....which is 640k retail NOT DIGITAL.

2. Digital sales are almost never reported. D2D Amazon Game Stop Steam etc. never report digital sales and VGchartz has NO way of getting that info.

3. EA should of used STEAM as many PC Gamers have avoided BF3 because of Origin......until now since a crack is out that lets you bypass it.

360ICE2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

How can you be surprised by low PC sales?
This is a pc user:
"Wow, that game looks great. And it looks even better on my platform!" *pirates game, plays it for two hours and returns to World of Warcraft*

SignifiedSix2451d ago

Okay, now that is really something stupid to say. First off, most people on pc mainly play for ONLINE. You cant do that with a pirated game. I game on both the PC and Xbox. Yeah, I've pirated a few game for my computer. Why? To see if those games run good on my computer (Which isn't even made for games), a 27 inch IMac. If it runs, i get rid of it and purchase it on steam.

Oh, and not every gamer plays gay WoW.

trancefreak2451d ago

This ps3 owner bought the PC version since I got it for 49.99 and took advantage of that.

showtimefolks2451d ago

life time sales will surpass 10 million and that's good enough for EA to tajke some part of that FPS out of MW's hand

and if you have been a gamer for more than 5 years you know games sell better on xbox360 in general and that's coming from a ps3 owner. But FPS in general do a lot better on xbox360

and other reason might be we have had a lot more exclusive games but the other side to that is that a lot of them didn't sell as well as they should have, i mean look at infamous 2 sales

end of the day EA did their job all the promotions were for ps3 version. Sony needs to hire some advertisement people who are working on xbox360 advertisement

xtremeimport2451d ago

compare and compete...never ends.
I mean, I guess thats the point...but sometimes it just seems like a attempt to stir the pot.

fr0sty2451d ago

this game went head to head with uncharted 3, what did they expect?

CryofSilence2451d ago

Umm... The ratio according to their numbers isn't even remotely close to 2:1; it's 1.5:1. Learn to math, "journalists."

Either way, I don't care how much it sold on either. When I get it, which will be in a while, I will probably get it for PC (possibly PS3).

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Spitfire_Riggz2451d ago

I thought I saw an article a bit ago that said PS3 players are the most active battlefield 3 players.

So quality over quantity! lol

HardCover2451d ago

I hate this stupid misconception.

EA did not want to beat COD.

They were and are fully aware that this is TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR. ALl they wanted was to put a dent in COD's sales to show it's not the only game in town. 5 million+ sales is a pretty smashing success considering COD comes out two weeks after it...

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kikizoo2450d ago

No uncharted, R3, etc = more bf3 bought.

less exclusives on xbox, everyone knows that (but despite trhat fact, most of the others multiplatformes selle equal or better on ps3 : fifa, pes, etc)

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Yangus2451d ago

Ps3 version much better.........maybe not?

lifesanrpg2451d ago

Isn't the PS3 better than Xbox 360 in everything? No?
But I thought BF3 was also meant to be played on PC..hmm..color me confused.

MostJadedGamer2451d ago

It is mean to be played on PC, but PC gamers do NOT buy games.

crxss2451d ago

@MostJadedGamer what's a pirate? :D

cpayne932451d ago

It isn't much better, there isn't really much difference between the two versions at all.

fluffydelusions2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

They are both the same pretty much. I actually picked up the 360 version yesterday only because most people I know (in real life) have 360. I already had the PS3 version since release day. Honestly can't tell the difference.

qwertyz2450d ago

i know they look about the same but the console fanboys will argue over a 1 percent difference :/ the pc version even at lowest 720p looks better than anything on consoles(and that obviously includes UC3) so looks like DICE lied when the said consoles will match pc lowest settings LOL.

the pc version maxed out is 2 generations ahead of anything on consoles LOL PC FTW!!!

Biggest2451d ago

Ps3 version much better.........maybe UNCHARTED?


Dlacy13g2451d ago

I doubt Uncharted numbers are effecting BF3 sales. The games are far enough apart and vastly different. 3rd person action game, 1st person Teamwork based shooter.

On a whole I think Dice and EA far over estimated the PC market and how big this game would be with that crowd.