Laughing Jackal announce Hungry Giraffe

Laughing Jackal have announced their newest project the PlayStation Mini Hungry Giraffe.

“Our giraffe is hungry: feed him! Yes, you can help this poor giraffe grow his neck high enough to eat the tastiest food by collecting all the snacks you can. Guide his head on its ‘twisty-turney upwards journey’, picking up all the tasty treats you can find, but make sure you don’t get food poisoning, as what goes in can come out again! :S

Hungry Giraffe is the only giraffe-feeding game on the PSN Store and it’s coming soon to PlayStation Minis!”

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BiggCMan2395d ago

This is the most hilarious article title ever! Honestly, switch the games name around with the developers name, and it could make just as much sense hahaha.