TimeShift Coming To PS3 December 6

Kotaku reports:

"Sierra sends word today that the fourth dimension-bending FPS will be coming to Sony's Playstation 3 console on December 6. That's an Australian date folks, so if you're Xbox 360 and PC deprived, and this title has had you polishing your DeLorean several times a day, it can be yours in a week's time. And it comes free with a $99.95 price tag!"

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Charlie26883917d ago

If you like FPS I highly recommend you this one, I got it a little skeptical due to the mix reviews but ended up having a blast of fun :D

kingofps33917d ago

The demo was a blast. Gotta check it out soon.

Dr Pepper3917d ago

I actually thought the original demo was pretty damn fun (one of the few that did, it seems). I haven't been able to try the new demo to see how far it has come.

Genki3917d ago

Demo was ok, seemed to lack refinement though. Very cool idea, though, and it was entertaining in practice at that.

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The story is too old to be commented.