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lastdual2118d ago

We all knew this was coming.

NukaCola2118d ago

Clearly and true. I wouldn't of called it Ultimate though. I would of said something Vegasy like HIGH ROLLERS EDITION or somthing like that. Well since the Complete Edition is out that means that chapter of Fallout is officially over, means new Fallout news will pop up soon, obviously a little after the Skyrim sensations cools.

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GrieverSoul2118d ago

And this is why I wont buy skyrim this year!
I will wait 6 months and bam! Full game and all the overpriced DLC at a bargain price.

Nate-Dog2118d ago

Same, I know Skyrim anyway will be a huge package but I'm not as interested in it as others since it'll be my first Elder Scrolls game, just makes more sense to wait for these editions if you can.

Berserk2118d ago

I was waiting for this :D

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The story is too old to be commented.