Walmart throwing Modern Warfare 3 tournaments across the U.S. at midnight launch

XMNR: Walmart announced details on Thursday about the midnight release parties for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Monday, November 7 and it includes an early start thanks to tournaments that will be held in each store.

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rezzah2272d ago

there's even some being held at my school, when I see the ads I just smile and move on. Such a popular game but it seems the attraction is similar to the style of casual gaming, a fad.

Swiggins2272d ago

Casual gaming is a fad...huh...could have fooled me.

Tachyon_Nova2272d ago

A fad tends to come and go within the space of a year or 2, three at most. CoD is in its 4th year of sales domination and is still growing at any insane rate.

rezzah2272d ago

(Note i did a ton of thinking on this one and finally came to a conclusion on why COD is so popular, go to the end if you wish to skip)

i know what you mean but with this (COD) it is something different. Unlike Guitar Hero that was used until death, COD remained, but that advantage COD had over most fads is that it isn't something completely new. COD is a FPS, what is new about COD4 (and up) is the MP.

I'm trying to say that COD is some sort of fad that's different than regular fads, nor am I expecting it to die soon. There is just something about it that seems to pull people in other than "good gameplay mechanics" because other games bring originality to their style of gaming, yet receive little attention.

So does this ^ mean that COD has some form of gameplay that just attracts people more so than other FPS? I mean Halo was the biggest and also known for its easy to get into gameplay, but COD took its crown as number one FPS.

Something about the MP that draws people in, is it gameplay, killstreak system, perks, prestige, amount of variety in weapons...

Speaking of i think it may have something to do with variety. With this it helps a person to create their type of ultimate soldier to overcome others. With the aid of Killstreaks and ranks of prestige it creates this level need to go on and play for a long time.

Overall I think COD just is the Monster Hunter of it's genre, a game completely loved for what it offers its players; large variety of ways to personify your character and a very rewarding system that allows for a seemingly never ending fun play through.

SSKILLZ2272d ago

Canceling my reservation @ GameStop

2272d ago
Relientk772272d ago

That's actually like, really cool. I kinda wanna go to walmart on that day lol

hotskys2272d ago

I know i'm gonna win the one at my wal-mart.

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