PSP RPG scans show 10 Upcoming RPGs

"The PSP is still alive and kicking; just look at all these RPGs coming out. Here are scans of 10 upcoming PSP RPGs." -Janelle on RPGLand

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kevco332392d ago

And how many do we reckon will make it to Europe?


imoutofthecontest2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Lord of Apocalypse has a shot, since it's Square and will get a Vita version.

But it's also a sequel to a total crapper... =/

Redempteur2392d ago

shining blade and gundam age have a decent chance of arriving .
Too bad about hero fantasia ...

Ddouble2392d ago

I can only imagine how being a PSP owner must feel like in Japan with release after release.

With the Vita though, it's looking more and more likely.

forevercloud30002391d ago

I wish all of these were coming to US on Vita at least. I would totally buy them up. If they come out for vita they can be put in the limelight as they will be beside a fresh and new handheld system, also TROPHIES!!!! PSP has so many stellar RPGs that everyone totally slept on.
-Crimson Gem Saga
-Crisis Core:FFVII
-FFT:War of the Lions
-Jeanne D'Arc
-Dissidia Duodecim(RPG/Fighter)
-Hexyz Force
-God Eater(RPGish)
-Legend of Heroes:TITS

and the massive plethora of JRPGs that seemingly won't make it stateside :(

sashimi2391d ago

I love that Trails in the sky's anagram is TITS lol, i never really thought of it like that while playing it :P

But i agree with you, Psp is such an underrated system. Its where the jrpg goes!

forevercloud30002391d ago

lol, TITS!

I really want the sequels 2nd and 3rd Chapter, as well as LoH:Trails of Blue(?) to come stateside on Vita as well. That would just make my day.

Also really want Little Battler. That looks very interesting. I forget what that other game is that Level 5 is working on, very pokemon esque game, I want that for Vita so badly. My must haves for Vita now stand as...
-Persona 4:Ultimate (A MUST!!!!)
-Tales of Innocence
-Legend of Heroes:Zero

Hoping for Vita Ports...
-Digimon:Re Digitized
-Final Fantasy: Type-0
-White Knight Chronicles:Origins
-Kingdom Hearts:BBS(Played it but would prefer it with TROPHIES!!!)
-and a few more.

P.S. If you couldn't tell, yes I am a trophy whore. I find it hard to validate any purchase from portable or home console game that does not support this feature. Its like playing a game while playing other games and I LOVE it. If I am not making over all progress in my Trophy level I become less inclined to play said game knowing I could be playing something else that will. Thats why I sold all my games that don't support it and downright refuse to buy any game that doesn't at full price. PSP games are a bit dif becuz that was not available to it but I dreamed it one day would. Now that it has been revealed with Vita, I need them if I am going to buy all these portable games.

sashimi2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

No Ys & Gravity Daze for Ps Vita?
and I believe the game you're thinking about from Level 5 is Ni No Kuni

heh, trophies are nice bonus and i'm kind of a trophy whore myself with 36 platinum trophies and counting lol but i can live without them as long as they are good games :) I also own a lot of the psp games you list and plan to buy the ones that haven't come out assuming they get localized. I have about 3 hour commute everyday so i play my psp then if i'm not too tired :)

forevercloud30002391d ago

I was mostly referring to RPGs for the Vita. Gravity Rush will be my 1st-2nd game(along with Uncharted:GA) for Vita. Also MNR:Road Trip,LBP(I think both of these make more sense on a handheld anyway). Hoping Golden Abyss is more puzzles than gunfights, i feel like that would be better in a portable arena.Was thinking more Yokai Watch by Level-5

Also, I had both Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 and MGS4, both phenomenal games. Yet the fact they did not have a feature that was basic in every game after them meant I stopped playing them after completion. I rly wish they had it tho.