Grand Theft Auto V Could Come as Early as September has Grand Theft Auto V slated for a February release date.


Looks like GameZone doesn't know how to read non-U.S. dates.

Actual date is September 2

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mastahmind2452d ago

DEAR GOD YESSS !!! i hope its true !!
its looks already far in development so i hope its true !!!

EddyD2452d ago

Idiots, learn how dates are done in the UK!

FAGOL2452d ago

Lol. They made a pretty big mistake.

lifesanrpg2452d ago

at least they got the year least they admit to it, unlike a certain site that deletes review....

Baka-akaB2452d ago

No way it's true . So few months away , we would be getting far more than a teaser .

GTA sales (even if mostly deserved) rely heavily on hype and marketing .

ramza042452d ago

Theres no way in hell it'll be released that early. Earliest i'd say is may 2012 which corresponds with rockstar's recent game releases.

ExitToExisT2452d ago


In Europe its DAY/MONTH/YEAR

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The story is too old to be commented.