Exclusive PS3 Gameplay of DMC4

Exclusive 7 Minute Playstation 3 gameplay footage of Devil May Cry 4 from Onaxis.



The video is also available at:

In Higher Quality.

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sonarus3916d ago

hope they can do sumthin about that loading. I'll prob be getting this. Played DMC2 but didnt really like it but heard 3 was better gonna give it another shot

MADGameR3916d ago

DMC4 is gonna sh1t on Ninja Gaiden 2. Just look at what happened with DMC3 and Ninja Gaiden Black? Ninja Gaiden Black had better graphics and MAYBE looked more fun but in terms of sales? MEH! I say it will be a reapeat just like DMC3 wiped NGB off the map!

Mr_Kuwabara3915d ago

LOL horribe choice by playing DMC2 before DMC1. DMC2 was a huge dissapointment but DMC3 is by far my favorite. You should check it out. This one (DMC4) doesn't interest me that much as what DMC3 did back in the day but meh, I'll probably check it out anyways..

gamesblow3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

It looks just like DMC3, only now it's in HD... Maybe?? this is a piece a' Damn joke! This better get 6's and 7's cause this game is doing nothing new at all.

I got the same feeling when watching Ninja Gaiden 2's vids also. Both of these games look like they're offering up nothing new to us, other than HD graphics, new settings and a tweaked story. Hack n' Slash gameplay... The even funnier part. Genji 2 got raped for being visually pleasing but offering us nothing new in terms of gameplay... Yet, Ninja Gaiden sigma gives us the same gameplay and it gets 9's and 10's? Ninja Gaiden 2 and this piece a' damn joke will get 9's and 10's aswell... yet, it'll do just the same as Genji 2 did... nothing new.

I'm sick of the bias media.

mikeslemonade3916d ago

This is DMC3.5 or 3.3 thanks to the 360 which forced Capcom to make it multiplatform. The game looks on par with Ninja Gaiden 2. Visuals are better here in DMC3.5, but gameplay is better in Ninja Gaiden 2. The game looks really confined so far, but we need to see more to make a judgment call on that. God of War 3 should trump NG2 and DMC3.5. So far every hack/slash game has just been just a minor upgrade from last generation and God of War 3 will change that.

WilliamRLBaker3915d ago

how did a console force a company to make the game multiple platform?
even if microsoft was mentioned by you it would still be wrong, microsoft didn't force capcom into making dmc4 multi capcom did it because they knew they wouldn't make much money off the ps3 exclusive version.

Douche3916d ago

That looked surprisingly fun. I didn't really think I would be into this game but it's shaping up well. I think the in-battle music really adds to the gameplay. That was pretty cool. Since it's (the demo) supposively coming soon, hopefully this demo is out on PSN in the next week or two.

gamesblow3916d ago

Keep dreaming... PSN demo? Yeah, right. xbox 360 will get it 1st... They'l play it to deatha nd then we'll get it about a month or 2 later. Probably a week before the game drops, actually. That way it's fresh in the minds of gamers and they won't have too much time to forget how typical and bland it is.

Genji 2 is still the better game between DMC 3 and ninja Gaiden sigma... visually it's unmatched and the ammount of enemies, who all attack at once, hasn't been seen again. 15 on screen at 1 time in a game like this is unheard of. Ninja Gaiden offers up 3 at a time, yet it got 9's and 10's. Yeah, whatever...

DMC4 is going to be just like boring ass 3. a let down.

MADGameR3916d ago

Ofcourse I'll definately get it for PC. As for the 360 version selling more than the PS3 version and getting better score? PFFFT! Yeah sure, like what happened to MGS2 on X Box! ROFL!! Stop being hypocritical you ignorant X Box fans! Both versions will be JUST as good. But the PS3 version will be favored more because X Box fans will be saying ''oh NG2 is WAAAAAAAAAAY better than this'' and then put down DMC4 saying ''this does'nt come ANYWHERE CLOSE to Halo 3!'' sad.... seriously grow up! I'm fed up with X Box fans saying everything is better on the 360! Try putting Crysis on the 360 LOL!!!!!!! I bet the failure rate will go up! I'm not bashing the 360, just bashing it because of the ignorant fanboys. Fanboys of PS3,360 and Wii AND the Red Sox AND the Yankees and all the other BS are so annoying! Its just a game! WHAT you people are being is ''GAY+LAME=GAYME!'' GAYMES..........on a positive note, both versions will be fantastic as well as on PC!

MK_Red3916d ago

DMC4 is gonna have serious competition from Ninja Gaiden 2 and so far, NG2 looks better and more fun IMO. A big problem is that both of them need better graphics. DMC3 was stunning on PS2 and original NG was groundbreaking on Xbox 1 and even looked a bit like a 360 game before 360 was even made.

Mercutio3916d ago

Because Xbox360 owners will be so blinded by Ninja Gaiden that they will forget about DMC4, and won't buy it enough to get the next DMC, and soo capcom will realize again that ONLY PS(3) owners are their market.

The same happend with MGS2...

ukilnme3916d ago

PS3 owners better get that attach rate up for that to happen. Dead Rising and Lost Planet sold well on the 360. If DMC4 is any good I think it will have a good shot at selling well on the 360. 360 owners have proven time and time again that they buy games. It's time for PS3 owners to do the same.

Mercutio3916d ago

yeah, you are right, about that, the reason PS3 owners dont buy games is because most of them simply wait for the games they like, to appear on the shelve.

Only quality games sell well on Playstation soil. So, the Ps3 owners(like my self) wait for the games they like and dont just buy any game , why..?
because the PS3 is so satifiying that you wont even need to play games, only THE BEST, think about it, i mostly use my PS3 NOT for gaming but for other things, cos the media options are so, ...nice...

With the ps3 you can bear to wait a year for your favourite ps3 game to come, like a said before just cos an ugly cheap chick hangs around you, you dont have to do it..get it?

jaja14343916d ago

So you paid 400$ for a gaming machine to wait for up to a year to play games?

ukilnme3916d ago

I agree with you on the ugly cheap chicks part. As for the games many PS3 fans have said lately that the games are here now, so I guess most of the PS3 owners are like you and think otherwise. So which one is it?

Mercutio3916d ago

I see myself buying more ps3 games now, more than ever, Uncharted, R&C great games,.. but i wont buy other games in the meanwhile, becuase not every game is fun to have some(most)out there right now are just crap lol..
the difference is that PS(3) owners buy only the top rated games, and dont buy just every game out there, because most of us, bought the ps3 for games like MGS Killzone and Uncharted... ( so here you have a high number copies bought of one game,)

Whereas the 'others' buy any game( which are mostly crap on the 'other' console) in high quantities spread out .... so less copies of each game are bought, but overall its a high number...)

ukilnme3916d ago

I see your point. I only have R&C and HS right now for the PS3. Uncharted is next.

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DarkArcani3916d ago

Did anyone notice out of all the enemies he faced, only two hit him. They better have improved AI.