GTA V: No San Fierro, No Las Venturas

The internet’s been getting all sorts of excited (which is a nice change from pessimism and bigotry) over that-trailer-you’ve-watched-20 -times. But, as we do when we get excited, we go too far. The trailer only showed us Los Santos, but you wanted the whole state. Well, here’s the word from Rockstar themselves...

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LarVanian2390d ago

Well that's a pity, I was really looking forward to seeing an updated San Fiero and Las Venturas.
I wonder what made Rockstar decide to focus solely on Los Santos. Hopefully they'll explain in the near future.

shikamaroooo2390d ago

Fanboyism aside I'm guessing maybe the 360s disc limitations?

NYC_Gamer2390d ago

it's nothing to do with disc space but more on the different approach that R* is taking....

Godchild10202390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I don't think so. The PS2 had all the 3 islands, but that was Standard Definition. If they wanted all three islands they would use more than one disc. They know GTA V would sell like crack and make the money back for them.

Los Santos has to be one big place, because GTA IV map was big enough to have a lot going on.

shikamaroooo2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

@godchild gta 4 was 6.51 gigs on the 360 I really don't think more islands would fit on one disc

raWfodog2390d ago

@ Godchild1020 and NYC_Gamer

I think it does have to do with disc space. To have multiple huge cities with GTA4-like definition would require a lot of disc space (or some fancy new-math coding to fit it all on one disc).

I have no problem swapping out discs while playing big games but who wants to do that while playing GTA and going back and forth between cities constantly.

I remember playing the GTA3 series and everytime you would cross into a new section the loading screen would come up. Do a quick U-turn and go back, another loading screen. Now imagine having to swap discs like that.

WiIIiam2390d ago

I don't think Rockstar would creatively limit themselves when they could simply make the game on more than one disc.

scotchmouth2390d ago

If I remember correctly the audio files took up most of the space.

As a longtime fan of the series I feel disappointed. I was looking forward to the variety that s.a. provided. The golden gate, flying to venturas only to drive back to los santos. IV was a let down in terms of nothing to do which they slightly remedied with tbogt.

This isn't what san andreas was. While I am sure they will deliever a polished game full of great detail they surely won't deliever san andreas as we so lovingly know it. That's too bad

DrakesOnAPlane2390d ago

Who cares? This game looks very boring to me especially comparing it to Saints Row the Third. Until a video comes out that shows you base jumping from a building and hijacking a car pops up, I won't be one bit excited.

Godchild10202390d ago

@ raWfodog & shikamaroooo

Thats why I said, if they wanted more islands they would have used more than one disc. But seeing as how GTA had a lot going one with all the mini games, friends, cars, Etc. why wouldn't they want to use more than one disc, they would make the money back anyway.

raWfodog2390d ago


But Im saying that I don't think Rockstar wants to use multiple discs because it would take away from the immersion if the gamer had to keep changing discs every time they went to a different city.

KaBaW2390d ago

Why can't they do like LA Noire, and have the map loaded on both discs?
Or, perhaps, somehow to allow people to 'install' the map, on harddrive.
You would just have to swap disc for the missions that are further on.

humbleopinion2390d ago

Fanboyism aside? You could have just as much claimed that it's PS3 256MB graphic memory limitations and make more sense: after all, some games come on multiple discs on the X360 version today, but even GTA IV and RDR ran on a lower resolution on the PS3 so you're already having an issue right there.
Oh: And unlike overcoming disc limitation, it's not that they can pack in extra memory with every copy of the PS3 version...

HappyGaming2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


Rockstar said that GTA IV was limited by the 360s disks is it that hard to realise that San Andreas in HD would not fit on one disk?

@humbleopinion That would limit the detail not how big the map could be that ONLY depends on how much time and money you want to spend and how big your disk is.

humbleopinion2388d ago


Rocktstar never said GTA IV was limited by the 360 disks, they said that the fact not all SKUs have an HDD are limiting because you can't store and stream stuff on the hard drive. But they still managed to get the streaming stuff going well, and the PS3 version of GTA IV didn't keep up regardless of that - so it only would have made the difference bigger.

Think about it: if having less memory only limits the details, it effectively means that you can't have a hugh game world with high detail and large draw distance. This is whyt
Rockstar said that GTA IV was limited by the PS3 version had to settle for a lower resolution and worse framerate.

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StraightPath2390d ago

:( but i hope los santos is really big then...:( was hoping three detailed cities with interconnecting motorways and sceneary just like san andreas. I guess still hyped for this game though.

Wonder how big it got then. But we can assume its not going to be big play area as San Andreas then?

NYC_Gamer2390d ago

los santos should be huge since R* might base it on the city/county of los angeles

Elwenil2390d ago

It could be larger than the original San Andreas.

"..the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created"

It all depends on if they mean "largest" as in map/game size or if they mean it in the sense of the entire project and it's development. Time will tell.

Jamzluminati2390d ago

No San Fierro? Not buying. Seriously San Francisco is possibly the best city in the United States yet it won't be included. Screw this.

AzaziL2390d ago

They probably going to save the other two cities for DLC so they can milk the game as much as possible.

Disccordia2390d ago

When Rockstar first announced San Andreas they only showed Los Santos in the first trailer and then the other cities much later. Not saying that will happen here but it seems like they are keen to follow some of the series tradition with this one so it's possible.

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TopDudeMan2390d ago

I don't give a crap, there's freaking mountains!!!

Simco8762390d ago

I just hope you meet CJ and befriend him... or there is at least some mention of the legend.... I miss CJ

Eiffel2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

CJ is a rich millionaire owning buisnesses and assests that span across Liberty City and San Andreas living the good life at the age of 42. Game takes place during modern day, 2012. CJ was born 1969, he'd be 42.

XANDEO2390d ago

The other 2 citys are dlc? Just a guess

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