Modern Warfare 3 producer defends quick-scoping, explains "more challenging" aiming

OXM UK: "It's not like the whole game is a bunch of snipers going around quick-scoping each other," protests Infinity Ward.

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DARK WITNESS2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

ya, but it soon turns into that.

I have played games of MW2 were the whole of the other team except maybe one person or two are all quick scoping, in some cased it really is the whole team.

it's stupid, they should just shutup about it. they kept it in to keep the noobs and the kids happy, just say it and been done with it.

Jio2446d ago

Yeah, that's why I quit after the first Modern Warfare. MW2 is when all the kids showed up calling people "f*gs" or making up stupid moves like "360 no scope" or quick scoping. I switched to Battlefield 3, I don't hate Call of Duty, I just hate the 9 year old players who think it's funny to scream into the mic.

BattleAxe2446d ago

I think its been a while since IW played CoD 4 on PC, because I've been playing it quite a bit lately, and it seems like half of both teams are usually quick scoping. Its not even a "skill", its an exploit since you're not even really aiming.

SJPFTW2446d ago

there is no auto-aim on COD PC so i guess its because you are bad. nice try

Chidori2446d ago

He said they took it out of black ops? I didn't even know that. It clearly worked in black ops, maybe not as easy as it was before, but still worked. I wouldn't have a problem if it remained how it worked in black ops, but god damn, it's frightening for him to say "let's keep it". The thing is....a sniper is supposed to be a long range weapon............Oh Call of Duty.

CarlosX3602446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Dude. Sarcasm doesn't work unless the information is wrong/right.

Treyarch tried to remove the whole quickscoping mechanic, they tried to make it harder for quickscoping to be done, but because COD fans are the persisting bunch... some found a technique on how to be able to quickscope, people caught wind and was able to quickscope.

The quickscoping in Black Ops isn't the same one found in COD4. MW2 made quickscoping a whole lot easier.. vice versa.

NarooN2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

""It's not like the whole game is a bunch of snipers going around quick-scoping each other"

LOLWAT? Did they even play their own game? I've been in plenty of matches where 90% of the people are running around trying to quickscope like retards. That's one of the main reasons I quit that trash series, so many morons trying to be pr0 but failing miserably. Just a terrible community with broken gameplay, meh, they can keep it.

"The thing with is, it's really hard to do so we figure if it's something that's that challenging to do, and do well - let's keep it."

Oh wow. Just LOL. It's one of the easiest things to do in the fucking game thanks to all the aim-assist. What a joke.