MIGS 2011: Eidos Montreal's Insane Task Of Reviving Deus Ex

Eidos Montreal producer David Anfossi says starting their studio off with Deus Ex let them "attract the best talent," of which there was likely 'no better choice' to accomplish that.

The team focused on "defining the ambition" of the game, not "following a pattern." Anfossi emphasised it was crucial to "respect the initial invention." Feedback was brutally biased.

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aPerson2422d ago

They did a damn good job.

egidem2422d ago

They did a terrific job. So terrific I had to replay the game once more and will in the future when I'm trophy hunting (soon).

This is just another example that you can have an awesome game without the need for a multiplayer component.

pctrollv42422d ago

i am proud of deus ex human revolution. One of this generations greatest games.