Link Between Wireless Technology and Autism Unveiled in New Scientific Report

A groundbreaking scientific study published this week in the peer-reviewed Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine warns that wireless communication technology may be responsible for accelerating the rise in autism among the world's children.

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Led Zeppelin3915d ago

Though haven't they been saying wireless communications, microwaves and radio waves are harmful for years?

PS3PCFTW3915d ago

yeah they are.

cell phone towers are highly radioactive, thats why they are installed on high buildings in order to prevent these waves away from creating malignant cells in our bodies. sure you may pass by one and be ok, but constant exposure to the waves emitted by these antennae is extremely harmful

the problem now is our everyday products.

the cell pohne in your pocket, the wireless router in your house, public wifi, blutooth. all of these necessities which we expose ourselves to daily are harmful to us..

clevernickname3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Utter nonsense. Radio waves, microwaves and other electromagnetic waves of the type used in wireless communication have no proven adverse effects on human tissue because they are non-ionizing sources of radiation. That means it does not damage the cellular DNA on account that radiation of this type does not have the energy or the wavelength required to break chemical bonds such as those that hold the DNA molecules together. You are in infinitely more danger of developing cancer from the powerful UV rays of the sun than you are from radio or microwaves.

The fact that cellular towers are placed on high buildings and towers is due to the line of sight nature of high frequency waves and the tendency to be easily absorbed or blocked by trees, buildings and terrain than lower frequency signals. Just as high frequency sounds are more directional and do not spread like low frequency sounds, so do radio waves behave in a similar manner.

But the fact is we are surrounded by radiation of all sorts everyday. From the Sun, the Earth, the universe and man made sources. Your tin foil hat isn't going to do much.

m91058263915d ago

I don't know who's right, but I remember seeing an episode of dangerous jobs where the people had to repair the top of a cell phone tower, and when they got near the top they had to call and have the tower shut down because they said the radiation could kill them at the source.

clevernickname3915d ago

m9105826, you are referring to high powered microwave radio towers that send concentrated microwave beams. Again, microwave radiation is non-ionizing radiation. It does not damage cellular structures like other forms of radiation such as gamma rays. The damage from high power microwave signals is due to the resonating effect on water molecules, which can essentially cook a person to death. This is how microwave cooking was discovered in the first place.

There is no danger from such signals because the beams are narrow and require complete, unobstructed line of sight to operate. You would have to climb a tower and stand in front of the transmission dish and allow yourself to get cooked to death.

socomnick3915d ago

Yea ive had a cell phone in my pocket everyday since the age of 16 and I think its shrinking my d|ck. Seriously I was bigger last year :(

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wetowel3915d ago

does that mean i should no longer place my wireless router beside me on my pillow while i sleep?

Staircase3915d ago

Thanks for posting this Catastrophe. Some of my relatives have Autism, and this is a really interesting read.