SEGA takes Sonic fan voices "seriously," but it's always "necessary to surprise"

Takashi Iizuka is now producer for the Sonic series, and his history goes way back to 1994's 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Its direction was "largely left" to individual teams before.

Now the series has more 'directional stability', says Iizuka-san, whereas before it "tended to fluctuate" game to game. He's made an effort to "really better define" the blue hedgehog.

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zeal0us2451d ago

Rebirth of the Sonic series, hopefully the next sonics games sega puts will be good. Don't need history repeating itself again do we?

Redempteur2450d ago

Colors was the rebirth , generations is the confirmation ( if needed ) that the sonic cycle was broken beyond repair

telekineticmantis2450d ago

This is the best control scheme and gameplay I've ever experienced in a sonic game, going off what I played in the demo, I've played the demo like 5 times already and it's only one stage.

This game wont get any credit just because it's a Sonic game but honestly from the trailer and the experience from the demo, this is a game I need...GOTY... ok maybe not but the game should get some real respect.

Gran Touring2450d ago

If you think generations had the best control scheme and gameplay out of the sonic games you've played, you CLEARLY haven't played a Sonic game before sonic heroes. Generations doesn't really do anything except rekindle nostalgia for the long-time sonic fans.