Toronto Thumbs Review: SteelSeries Sensei Pro Gaming Mouse

From the Article:

"In the world of PC gaming, there is probably no better controller than your mouse. First-person-shooter nuts and real-time-strategy aficionados alike will tell you that the flexibility and speed of a mouse will always be better than any other type of console-esque controller. In short, if your game requires pointing, you need to turn to a mouse. Many companies have been making mice for a long time; two names that pop into mind are Microsoft and Logitech - many mice on the market are by these two giants (or are 3rd party re-brands).

"Gamers have more options than this, though (even though, to be fair, Logitech does make some good gaming mice). Razr and SteelSeries are other well-known makers of both well-constructed and well-designed gaming mice. Usually, these mice are specifically created for a particular genre - with unique layouts for customized play meant to aid the user in their battle against control inefficiency. Now, SteelSeries raises the bar like never before with their latest product: the SteelSeries Sensei Pro Grade Gaming Mouse."

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