Mario Party DS Review (Gamer 2.0): 8.1/10

Danreb Victorio of Gamer 2.0 reviews Mario party for the DS:

"Gamers probably scoffed when Nintendo made the announcement that Mario Party would be coming to the DS. After all, of all the franchises Nintendo is in possession of, Mario Party is without a doubt the most milked. There have been three Mario Party games released on the Nintendo 64, four on the GameCube, one on the Game Boy Advance, and one on the Wii. While the games have always been fun, none have ever come close to the enjoyment the first two games provided. With this being the tenth entry in this incredibly long-running series, it can safely be said that Mario Party DS is quite solid."

Why you should buy it: It's one of the most complete Mario Party titles with great use of the microphone, 70 fun minigames, and the need for only one copy of the game to play with your friends.

Why you should rent it: The lack of an online mode is the only reason why this isn't the best in the series, but worth a purchase either way.

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