Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto V in "full development"

And the award for stating the completely obvious goes to Rockstar Games who, in the light of the shiny new trailer released a matter of hours ago, has gone on to announce that Grand Theft Auto V is in “full development”.

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NYC_Gamer2397d ago

R* has the chance to break new grounds in the sand box genre like they always do story/gameplay wise

Jamzluminati2397d ago

San Fierro isn't in. Flop confirmed.

velocitygamer2397d ago

Not really. Just because one tiny island isn't included doesn't mean the game will suck. Even though it's not confirmed, there is still hope that San Fierro and Las Venturas will make it in.

Regardless, this will be one fucking amazing game.

Ezio20482397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )


i feel so great that a new GTA is announced.

TrevorPhillips2397d ago

I seriously can't wait!! :D

GiggMan2397d ago

Good, that must mean Agent is almost finished....

Yeah I know, I wish :(

CaptainMarvelQ82397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Following the trailer,i'd say they're probably 60-80% complete.
Which is pretty crazy on Rockstar's part since we have not seen any footage leak about the game or something big showing that the game was actually in development,only some minor names and voice casts.

Sony should learn from Rockstar,as Sony's products always get leaked :p ,which I think actually takes from the amount of suspension following the reveal.

Nate-Dog2397d ago

This is exactly how to announce a game. Almost every other company these days announces their games way too early and then keeps everyone waiting too long, I mean this is rumoured to be out as early as next May but surely in the next 12 months at the very least and Rockstar have kept tight-lipped on it and avoided any leaks.

Then again Rockstar don't really need to announce games in advance to hype up their games that much (especially with Grand Theft Auto) while a lot of other companies need a little more time to hype up their games and make it known. Still, like you say a lot of other companies and publishers could learn a thing or two from Rockstar about revealing and releasing a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.