Uncharted 3's linearity is a strength, not a weakness

Naughty Dog's adventure shouldn't be slated for being straightforward, argues CVG's Chris Schilling

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NukaCola2230d ago

Using linear as a con for Uncharted 3 is just a biased pile of bullcrap. Any game that plays in levels is linear. Gears of War is linear(A split in paths is not variety), any 2D Nintendo game is linear, newest Casltevania is linear, tomb raider will be linear. 90% of previous gen is linear. Since when is linear bad? I have no idea.

coolbeans2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Linear: of, or relating to, a straight line

Although your post is sensible, Gears of War is, by definition, not linear.

"A split in paths in not variety"

Variety: the quality or condition of being various or varied; diversity. By is. But of course, give me disagrees despite being right.

DigitalRaptor2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

By the definition, the type of concise story Naughty Dog tells with the Uncharted games is linear. The gameplay offers a lot of dynamism and there are multiple ways to attempt a level, but in its nature it always leads to the same conclusion.

But I think where much of the variety that comes with Uncharted is in the environments and locations, weapons, and styles of play: Stealth, melee, gun combat, platform traversal, swimming etc. These are its strengths in variety. The way the story is told is a strength in linearity. None should be considered drawbacks!

Blastoise2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

You forgot one. FINAL FANTASY XIII! To answer your question "When is linear bad?" In RPG`s, thats when.

miyamoto2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Agree. absolutely. i have played tons of fun linear games since the NES and Genesis. This is like nitpickin on U3 for things it was not designed for, right Eurogamer?

Christopher2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

A better title would be "Linearity is not a weakness". This isn't just about Uncharted, though it seems Uncharted is an unfair target for complaints about it.

Books are linear. Movies are linear. TV shows are linear. More than 90% of games are linear. And yet, in each of these arenas, linearity is oftentimes greatly awarded for their stories and gameplay.

BioShock, Uncharted, God of War, Half-Life, Resident Evil 4, and so on.

I can't believe I'm doing this, but even Jim Sterling knows this:

The problem is that people mistake open world with decision when the main storyline is 99% of the time just as linear as a closed world. They mistake the decision of side content for making it non-linear, when in reality it's a choice in where you put additional content. Uncharted 3 has additional content in the form of Co-op and Multiplayer, not in their single-player game.

Max Power2230d ago

Choose your own adventure books aren't linear. Wink---> ;)

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Optical_Matrix2230d ago

Exactly. Tell me one open world game that delivers it's narrative and characters as perfectly as Uncharted does?

wicko2230d ago

Mass effect is probably the closest - but they tell a bunch of completely seperate stories for each of the squad mates you recruit, so that's easy to allow player choice. The story is still linear - you can't make any major changes early in the game that twist the story in another direction. You mainly affect the end of the game. It would be impossible to do otherwise, with the time constraints to make games like these.

When it comes to story, all games are pretty much linear.

barkingspace2230d ago

The Uncharted franchise will always be one of the pinnacles of storytelling. You're not going to find a better integration of game-play and narrative. Linearity is a great way to maintain control.

Ezio20482230d ago

well personally i dont find any fault in Uncharted series...i mean it keeps getting better and my jaw bigger!!! =D

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