MIG: Is Arkham City Sexist? Absolutely Not

Hey, bitc–oh wait, that’s the new hot controversial word in the industry today. Specifically, many people have been getting up in arms over the overuse of the word “bitch” in Rocksteady’s latest hit, Arkham City. Is this justified? Definitely not. And before you bring your arms back up and wildly call me out on my misogynistic ways and not knowing the woman’s struggle: I’m female too.

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SockeyBoy2272d ago ShowReplies(2)
zerocrossing2272d ago

If you have to ask it probably is.

Muitnorts2272d ago

Are you being racist there?

zerocrossing2272d ago

Hell no, what part of anything I said can be taken as being racist?.

Hicken2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

You missed the point. Going by your "if you have to ask it probably is" comment, since he asked, then your comment was probably racist.

Edit: And how diverse do you want someone's vocabulary of profanity to be in a T-rated game? There honestly aren't a lot of words to be used in that category in the first place. And I'd like to ask you what you think the average violent prisoner sounds like.

zerocrossing2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

I get that the bad guys have to be perceived as umm "bad guys" killing people obviously isn't enough, it takes a real foul mouth (and apparently a very limited vocabulary of curse words).

The big question here is, was the overuse of dropping the B word necessary, sexist or was it just a bad idea ?

Pro_TactX2272d ago

Someone needs to teach the author about moderation. Subjecting the Internet to that much common sense and rational thought at one time can cause a shock to the system.

funkykerbunkle2272d ago

Having played AC and U3, I have to say U3 brawling is a lot more rewarding. I do prefer the menus in AC however, but that's about it.

brettyd2272d ago

the world is sexist, get over it.

zerocrossing2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

It could be a little less sexist, if more people where willing to make an effort to better themselves.

vflhp2272d ago

It'd make sense if people just weren't so sensitive. Sexism happens on both side of the fence, and it's not going away. If both genders learned to ignore it, we'd all be much happier.

brettyd2272d ago

Everyone is sexist whether you know it or not.

rezzah2272d ago

Sensitivity to sexism on both sides has it limits based on the individual, and that can depend on the level of passive to blatant sexism seen or received from day to day. So true, the best way to deal with it may be to ignore it but sometimes that doesn't make it go away. Also if one does take action against it and makes the acts "disappear" then most likely the thoughts of sexism are internalized and hidden from open view. Thus making it more passive or harder to view a sexists act.


Sorry for acting without thinking first (the disagree), but I believe that you are right. Like sexism, racism is the basically the same the only difference being one deals with social aspects of humans (race is not biological), and the other being gender. So if everyone is racists to some level no matter how large or small then it makes sense to say everyone is sexists on different levels; be it conscious or unconscious.

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