Uncharted 3: Critical Gamer review

Critical Gamer writes: The staff at Naughty Dog are masters of disguise. Masters of disguising loading times, masters of disguising linearity, and – ultimately – masters of disguising their Uncharted movies as videogames. That last costume, however, is skimpier here than in the previous two instalments.

The Uncharted series has provided stories that are consistently engaging to watch, and this is certainly no exception. The story here jumps between Drake’s past and present, revealing new details and raising new questions (most of which are not answered); but the devil’s in the details. The dialogue, as ever, sparkles in a way only the very best writers can achieve, and the acting is superb across the board. The final all-important touch is provided by the virtual actors themselves, whose facial expressions and body language are handled with perfect subtlety and attention to detail.

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redDevil872333d ago

Wtf are they talking about? They've never ever disguised it, they designed the game to be linear.

pendejo2333d ago

i don't understand from where comes all this hate for uncharted and naughty dog.

They are without doubt the studio making the best triple A title in the world.

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VictoriousB132333d ago

An 8 out of 10 is hate to you?

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