Black November is Gears 3 Bonus Month

There is a side-benefit to Christmas this year though it may feel rather mercenary: gifting Gears 3 creates a pool of friends with whom you can play the multi-player side of the game with. It appears that Microsoft Game Studios and Epic are aware of this; the evidence takes the form of bonus gift cards and Microsoft Points being offered when Gears 3 is purchased during Black November.

In addition to the recruitment program and other deals, Gaming Update takes a look at the plethora of Gears-related gifts that are available this holiday season to help the readers wrap up their Christmas Lists early.

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StanLee2209d ago

What's funny is Microsoft is ballsy enough to send you a list of friends who haven't played Gears of War 3 and should be "invited" to play Gears of War 3. Of those on the list emailed to me, all of them have Gears of War 3.