Call of Duty:MW3 available before street-date

TecStories:Is Battlefield 3 not good enough for you? Can you not wait 1 more week? Well then you're proablby in luck, because Modern Warfare 3, the big name FPS has been hitting the street early, apparently some retailers are breaking the street date out of ignorance, and who could blame them? the game has several million pre-orders and the disks have been shipped, so why not sell?

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optimus2327d ago

The store I go to got modern warfare 2 a week early last year and that didn't kill anybody. If anything I think it's a good marketing tactic as the people that do get it will rave about it spurring a much bigger demand which would in turn equal record breaking sales...p.s. I can assure you it will sell big and fast. ;)

Flavor2327d ago

Is this even a website? Who the hell screens this stuff? It's gibberish.

Too_many_games2327d ago

if i had the game a few days early i might actually play the Single player :D

SP3333D-O2327d ago

In fact, BF3 is so good I can wait for quite a while on MW3...

SpartanQ82326d ago

Here in kuwait the price for mw3 went to 70kwd thats 242$