Console Domination: Gears of War 3 - Horde Command Pack Review (DLC)

Console Domination writes: Yesterday (after a short delay) the "Horde Command Pack" for Gears of War 3 was made available to download on the Marketplace. This is the first piece of DLC for Gears 3 and will set you back 800 MS points, or less if you purchased the Season Pass. But, the real question is this. Is the DLC worth buying and do I need it?

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BX812391d ago

Wow! What a waste of time. Her voice is really annoying? What a vagina. I'm a Gears fan, but I'm not the biggest so I can say if you like horde then it's worth it. Don't listen to this clown.

Venjense2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

It's a shame that Epic always has to fight MS to release free content.

GameOn2390d ago

But at the same time they could add more value to the DLC than this. Bit of a let down really.