BioShock creator slams closed-minded devs: "F**k those guys"

BioShock creator Ken Levine says games can be whatever you want them to be, and has slammed developers who claim they should always be approached in a particular way.

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lorianguy2449d ago

I'd have put it in a slightly less profanic sentence, but I definitely agree.

Laxman2449d ago

Haha, true, but there are no other words which could have the same level of impact and meaning and still keep the sentence short (which is in part, a factor of its impact and meaning). Swearing makes the world go around.

cochise3132449d ago

bioshock infinite looks like it will move the fps genre forwad once again. looks amazing.

theonlylolking2449d ago

Bioshock 1 and 2 were not very good games. They were different but not very good. This one looks very good and different but will it turn out good?

cochise3132449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

are you serious. Bioshock is a classic, and bioshock 2 was good also. You can't deny the series is a breath of fresh air to the over saturated fps genre. And bioshock infinite is looking to be one of the best games next year.

mamotte2449d ago


You really are the only lol king.

Ghoul2449d ago

bioshock was incredible and intense
systemshock 1+2 was a mindblowing masterpiece

Bioshock did set a new standard in rpg shooters and atmosphere
its an incredible game and one of my top 5 this whole generation.

maniacmayhem2443d ago

Bioshock 1 was a masterpiece. The characters, story the gameplay was fantastic.

Bioshock 2 was unnecessary and didn't add anything to the experience and world established in part 1. If anything part 2 should have been a prequel to 1. If there was ever a need for a prequel, bioshock would be it.

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Johandevries2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Partially agree with him, just look at how the FPS genre is overcrowded with titles that are in many ways terribly similar. But developers with low budgets (it's easy for Levine to speak like this when he has such capital backing him up) and original ideas do not get attention, and that's both the fault of competition like CoD but also because of a lack of understanding from the mainstream gamer. And anyway, why in America things points need to be overdone with profanity these days?

LewisDenby2449d ago

That isn't quite what he's saying. It's not about unoriginality, it's about developers saying "This is how one SHOULD make games", and Levine saying actually, no, because so many people want so many different things out of their gaming time.

Also, profanity is awesome and powerful when employed well.

Saladfax2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

There are a few particular design philosophies which work better, but it's mostly because they're loose and flexible.

It's like, you plan development around a core set of game mechanics which will meet what you're trying to accomplish but won't put your team into a coma. More and more features are certainly proposable and even quite welcome, but you base over/cruch time levels of work around people *wanting* to work hard and implement these extra things. It's vastly better to having piles of game features along with core mechanics get watered down by not enough refinement time.

It sounds like quite a bit of game development suffers from market misperception and random interference from middle management and higher. Multiplayer FPS becoming popular? Well, we best shoehorn some kind of bland deathmatch into our single-player focused game because apparently *those* won't make money.

zero_cool2449d ago

Finally another from a gaming studio speaking up so take notes all you lazy closed minded game studios out there!..."bethesda"

Laxman2449d ago

Im sorry, was that sarcasm or are you one of the Skyrim haters that have been all over this place today?

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