Naughty Dog Explains Uncharted 3 Gunfire Differences

Uncharted 3 was released this week and has received critical accolades and has satisfied many gamers’ desires for the third title in the popular Playstation 3 series. However, many gamers have voiced the opinion that the game’s aiming and firing mechanic has been altered and doesn’t feel like it did in Uncharted 2. Developer Naughty Dog has addressed these issues and explained why the mechanic was tweaked.

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Drekken2393d ago

It was hard getting used to at first, but I am still a beast at coop arena and my competitive skills have improved. Like any game you have to play a lot to hone your skills. I like the changes they have made.

joydestroy2393d ago

i haven't touched the SP yet. i'll get to it tonight hopefully. i just immediately jumped into the co-op arena haha.

Knushwood Butt2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Can you still flip the camera over to your left shoulder when aiming?

L3 no longer works for this. Have they removed it?

If it continues to bug me I may read the manual...

additup282393d ago

I think there is a shoulder flip option in the main menu options, not sure. might be L1, R1 switch im confusing it with. But check the options right at the first screen

Ron_Danger2393d ago

It's the L3 button but it's default setting is off... I think it's in the gameplay section of the options...

GamerSciz2393d ago

@Ron_Danger is right. It's default setting is off but you can easily switch it to enabled. It is in options-Gameplay and it's just called "Should Switch" I believe. I turned it on as it is a huge factor for me in gameplay mechanics.

GamerSciz2392d ago

Ok so I looked it up. I took a short video which I will upload later because this seems to be a common question.

The steps are in the main menu hit "Square" to go to OPTIONS. Once there scroll down to BUTTONS and then inside of that menu you see the second option is SHOULDER SWAP. Simply enable it and it will be enabled.

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tarbis2393d ago

I had no problem with the aiming actually. I say it's an improvement.

ironfist922392d ago

I was wondering thy the aiming felt really stiff, and not as smooth as the previous two. Bin missing quite a few shots due to the fast paced gameplay but slow paced aiming.

Still a bloody brilliant game, though!

Venjense2392d ago

The best gunplay was in Uncharted 1 as every bullet that hit impacted the enemy.

I found in both 2 and 3 you could shoot a guy once or twice and nothing would happen, like no reaction at all! But at least in 2, most of the people had body armour so it made for a decent excuse.

I love Uncharted 3 but Naughty Dog could learn from Red Dead in terms of people reacting to getting shot.

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