Welcome to your new PlayStation Home

MIKE: "Sony have today announced that the new design of the PS3′s PlayStation Home virtual world will be available from today. The redesign includes all-new exclusive gaming districts and social content themed to fit your preferences. Games, people and places are now easier to access than ever before and help form part of the biggest social casual gaming platform."

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ZILLA2450d ago

this is a gamers universe,always has been always will.if your a hardcore gamer and want to talk to other gamers rather than talkin to some noob at gamestop this is your place to be.HOME is the future(period)

Szarky2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Gamers Facebook: and thats why i hate it. Home is aimed at the 14-24 demographic (my guess). Not everyone wants to run around aimlessly in a 3D world playing crappy mini-games and spending real money on digital clothes and digital houses.

Cenobia2450d ago

I have always kind of wished that Home had taken Little Big Planet and rolled it out into a community rather than make similar-to-real-life world.

People would still make community levels to play and share and Sony/MM could make additional costumes and special levels. Other companies could still release areas for their own game in a Sackworld rather than an alternate real-world setting.

I would much prefer being in and exploring a world full of Sackpeople.

I also feel LBP is more suited to a constantly updating game than multiple iterations which fracture the communities.

I mean just think of LBP chess...moving pieces with sackhands? or giant chess peices that your sackperson avatar struggles to move? So many more possibilities.

ginsunuva2450d ago

Exactly what they needed. Everything has finally been divided into a map.

Blackdeath_6632450d ago

i dont think so. sony's biggest mistake is not integrating ps home onto the main screen when you open your ps3. they also shouldve put it in friends list. what wouldve been more amazing is if the main screen was ps home in that it showed your charecter and the normal icons you would see at main screen but if you pressed select for example the main screen would fade and you find yourself inside ps home from the moment you open your ps3. then i would actually use it.
pshome was a very early concept i really do wish when ps4 come they focus more in social part of gaming and the online services rather than making ps3 into a PC wish can play your movies store your files and whatnot

TBM2450d ago

I was in home this morning. Gotta say i really like the change hey made.