Chahi: "No plan" for more From Dust right now, "first god game" Molyneux played

Indie videogame designer Eric Chahi, creator of From Dust, has dished about his own take on the god game simulator and how Lionhead's Peter Molyneux gave it a "true compliment."

The Populous creator said From Dust was the "first god game he's played," referring to its fully morphable world. It was "hard work" and there are no sequel plans in motion.

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teething2359d ago

I personally thought this was an incredible game. It was a pleasure to play and was a nice change from FPS, TPS, and other more typical games that are out there in abundance.

I like games that make you think, and From Dust did just that. Like Portal, it was truly a thinking man's game.

Zichu2359d ago

It did make you think, was all about timing and patience. Some of the missions were quite difficult if you weren't quick enough lol.

I enjoyed the game, played through the campaign a few times and spent hours on each mission just trying to make my islands look awesome.