ZTGD | GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review

Ken McKown writes: Last year, Eurocom and Activision brought back a gaming legend. “Goldeneye” is a word that strikes joy into the hearts of many gamers that were around to enjoy its four-player split screen action, whether in a dorm room or a living room; this game has roots. When it landed on Wii last year, we cheered. The game was back, and better yet, it was good.

Now 360 and PS3 owners get a chance to find out what the fuss was about with added modes and enhanced visuals. Get your golden guns ready, and discover why couch co-op is still alive and kicking.

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TheROsingleB2452d ago

They should have included bots for people who may want to play offline with a couple of buds like the good old days.
Yes, bots were not in the original Goldeneye, but, it's "Sister game" Perfect Dark made amazing use of bots.
Different developers, ect, but they could have picked up on the fact that these games can benefit from features like that, especially if they are toting the "variables in multiplayer" card.

I like bots :(