PS3 on the rise in Japan and Germany

Since way before the launch of the PlayStation 3, many analysts concluded the PS3 would never be a competitive product in the market with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, because of the high price point. Later this year, Sony took a huge move by introducing a 40GB PS3 unit at a lower price in various markets around the globe. It's grateful to know that this move has been regarded as Sony's best strategy this generation.

With all of that being noted the PlayStation 3 has went on to see growth in regions such as North America and the UK. However, in other markets, such as Germany and Japan, the PS3 has taken the dominating role in recent weeks. In Germany, the PS3 currently sits at the third spot; however, in the month of October, the PS3 sold well above the other machines with 37,000 units sold while the Wii came in second with 28,000 sold and Xbox 360 in third with 12,000 units sold in the month of October.

As for the Japanese market, for the second straight week, the PS3 outsold the Wii by pushing 39,178 units while the Wii pushed 36,230 units. This is all in direct correlation to the newly introduced 40GB model that the world has been raving over since its release, despite it featuring fewer options than the standard 80GB model like the ability to play PS2 games.

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PS3 Limps on and on3921d ago

yeah and on the fall everywhere else.

NoUseMerc3920d ago

Apparently you havent been reading all the recent headlines. The PS3 is picking up momentum not only in Germany and Japan but the US and UK as well. Analysts predict that the PS3 will have sold 10 million units by March of next year.

felman873920d ago

care to back up your claim with statistics?

lawman11083920d ago

So much for that Fan boys In Germany, the PS3 currently sits at the third spot

kittoo3920d ago

Stop posting the same pics everywhere? If PS3 is in store, it will obviously be sitting. Xbox360 stand in air when they are in store or at your home? There must be some PS3s to get sold.

Snukadaman3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

but since theres no articles...theres no news.

kidrobot3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

What You Mad Because Those PS3's Were About To Get Picked Up For XMAS, And The XB360's Weren't There Because They're @ The Warehose Of That Store? Or Is It Because They're Posting Ads That You Can Read "RRoD, Discs Scratcher & XBL Silver Membership INCLUDED FREE!!![LMMFAO] Only In ONE Box For The Half Of The Price" [LMMFAO] Please Shut Up, And If Your Console Is So Great... Why Is It That You're Always Here Huh? Aww!!! They Fixin' Yours Too Right!? Or You Don't Want Your Console To Scratch Your Discs? Or Is That You're Scared Of Gettin' A RRoD? Like I Read A Couple Minutes Ago From Somebody Here "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR..Son [XD]" Thats Phucked Up Bro'...

PS: vvv I Know Its OLD!!! vvv
vvv Can U See The Difference??? vvv

NoUseMerc3920d ago

@ felman87

Okay you want sources...Here is the article about Sony moving 11 million PS3's by March next year:

Here are other sources supporting PS3 momentum:

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The Dark Knight3920d ago

Its very true, its doing very bad everywhere else

felman873920d ago

WW numbers, PS3 is only behind 360 by 1600 (according to VGchartz) Not bad for a console that 'doesn't have any games', huh?

Xbox is the BEST3920d ago

The PS#3 sells per month in America more that the entire number of PS#3 systems that have been sold to date in Germany.

Danja3920d ago

The 360 sells per month in America more than the entire number of 360 systems that have been sold to date in Germany...also

so what's ur point..?

Xbox is the BEST3920d ago

Nothing to brag about that's my point. Japan is were the sales are.

Hydrollex3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

love PS3 and Sony the best. They don't like to waste their money ! First, they wait and do researches and they think on what they gonna buy and second they go for. So PS3 wins in Europ and Asia

You are a noob if you like what I said and you don't bubble me

NoUseMerc3920d ago

I don't know about that...those UK PS3 TV spots are pretty weird and not really a good investment. I think Sony should stick to the new US TV spots...those are cool!

LeonSKennedy4Life3920d ago

That was the funniest thing I've read all night.

Bubbles for you man...

dhammalama3920d ago

Am I a noob if I don't take a bubble?

Just asking. +bubble up+

felman873920d ago

people like cheap stuff. I mean, what would the world be like without walmart?

YoMeViet3920d ago

A world full of Targets and K-mart?

waltercross3920d ago

I always prefer quality over price, right down to the food I eat, I buy Velveta cheese not Lucerne...LOL, you get what you are willing to spend.

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