PS3 Hit Joe Danger Headed To Xbox Live Arcade

Joe Danger: Special Edition revealed for XBLA

Hello Games has confirmed rumours that it's PSN hit Joe Danger is headed to Xbox Live.

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callahan092426d ago

It's pretty effing annoying that I supported this game for months before it came out, hyping it up wherever I could because I followed its development. I bought it day one when it came out, I played the hell out of it, I got all the trophies, I went for high scores on my favorite levels' leaderboards, I bought every piece of DLC... and they aren't even going to make the new levels available as DLC for the version of the game that I already own and have supported for more than 1 year? So as a huge fan of the game, if I want the new levels, I have to buy the entire game all over again? It's pretty damn lame.

JellyJelly2426d ago

That sucks. I've only played it for a bit at a friends and I loved it, so for me this is awesome news.

kasasensei2426d ago

Stop whining. A good game available for everyone. You're not the center of the world dude. :p

The-Troll-Eater2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I think it should be just as fair to release the same thing on the console that supported it to begin with. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you".

callahan092426d ago

I have no problem with the game going to Xbox, so your vitriolic comment at me is not warranted and not necessary. I am not upset about that, I just don't like that those who initial supported the game are being left out in the cold and not being given the chance to play a large helping of new levels. I'm actually GLAD that the game is going to Xbox in the general sense, because it's one of my favorite games in years, it's just a lot of good, awesome fun, and everyone should play it. But they should make the new levels available to us, too! Not a single reason not to.

yesmynameissumo2426d ago

I love this game. It's good for Hello Games to get it out to as many people as possible. I'm sure at some point, the content will make it to PSN. If not, oh well.

kasasensei2426d ago

@the troll eater
Looks like the psn (sales) alone didn't feed enough the editor/dev in the first place.

ZeroX98762426d ago

@ kasasensei

having it multiplatform will help them actually make more content for the game or make another game!

I'm mainly a PS fan, but I hope Xbox fans enjoys this game, because it's a really good game for 15$.

coolbeans2426d ago

As sorry as I feel for you, why isn't this sort of sympathy-or empathy-displayed when n4g announces a XBL game heading over to PSN with extras, only to not include those extras on the original version? It's a if this will go back to MS being the bad guy even though these same rules have to be followed on PSN.

mandf2426d ago

I felt the same way then. If we pay the same price we should get the same amount of content.

DigitalRaptor2426d ago

Well most probably because this site is populated mostly by Sony fans who really don't care, probably because of the flak they got from XBOX fans since the start of this gen. As immature as that sounds, the whole dispute started from unrealistic criticism from XBOX fanboys and crazy hype from PS3 fanboys both fighting against each other. And Microsoft has become the fall guy, so to speak.

Anyway, I digress. I would be pissed if I was in callahan09's position. It's only fair for the Hello Games to offer that content to their PS3 supporters too. I definitely would say the same about games like Hydrophobia that have been left incomplete on XBLA. However, I will be getting that one for free on PS+. So I can't really complain.

callahan092426d ago

Well if I didn't make comments like that on those other games that came from Xbox to PlayStation, coolbeans, it's because I wasn't a loyal player of the original version on Xbox, so making the comment wouldn't have been my actual feelings on the matter. I also can't think of a single game I played on Xbox that later on down the road came to PSN which would apply to this situation (meaning, that I played the original release, then it came to the other system with new content not available to the original fans). I don't play many downloadable games, though. Joe Danger is one of them I did play, and so it does upset me. The only other downloadable game I can think of right now that I played on Xbox before it later on went to PSN is Braid, but as far as I know it was the exact same game on PSN as it was originally, so I had no issue with that. But to make a point: If Braid HAD gone to PSN with a twice the number of levels as the original, but didn't make them available to us original owners, yes, it would have made me upset as well.

coolbeans2426d ago

Sorry, that question wasn't for you personally. After my first comma, it was more of a question for the community as a whole.

Micro_Sony2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

You can not blame the developers for this.

MS policy is that for a game to be released on XBLA it has to be at the same time that the PSN is released or have some EXTRA CONTENT FORM THE ORIGNAL.

Sure the developers could put new content on the PS3 but it can not be the same content that is on the 360 -which means that they will have to do extra work. Remeber we are talking about a small studio with limited funds and not a big studio like EA or Activion.

Edit: So much for the develoeprs saying that XBL is a slaughter house.

This reminds of Team Meat pooping on MS only to go back and do business with them.

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Fishy Fingers2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Pretty average IMO, was quite excited about it at one point, but after playing for an hour or two, never bothered with it again. 50 extra levels is nice.

Never really understood the "exclusivity" deals these little games bother with anyway.

coolbeans2426d ago

It's not as if they plan this out ahead of time. Some smaller devs like to focus on 1 console at a time, see how sales pan out, and go from there. This is similar to the cycle of Bastion: develop for 360/PC initially (since the architecture is so similar), focus on possible DLC, and then present the possibility that it could go over to other arcade markets (PSN, WiiWare, etc.)

Jdoki2426d ago

I thought Joe Danger was one of the first titles to use the Sony 'Pub Fund' where they match dev costs if the game is exclusive.

If true I guess it means timed exclusive rather than true exclusive.

I'm not overly bothered by the extra levels going to the XBLA version. The sequel is in the works and I'm ready to move on.

Anon19742426d ago

Sony offers great deals for developers when they go exclusive as well. You still own your own IP, but if you're willing to sign an exclusivity deal and you finish your game, Sony will pay for your development. You get the agreement before, walk into the bank, get you funding and all voila. That's a huge deal for small and mid sized developers. I don't know if that's what happened with Joe Danger, but that's how titles like Hoard were made.

sarshelyam2426d ago

I don't know why this is much of a surprise...Limbo, Braid...they say "Hello!".

Emilio_Estevez2426d ago

Good game, glad more can enjoy it soon.

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