Elder Scrolls V: More Skyrim Concept Art

In little over seven days time, Skyrim will be released to the world and Elder Scrolls fans will retreat from existence for a good few months.

As part of our drive here at Spunwicked to get you all excited and worked up into a frenzy over the release of The Elder Scrolls V, we are going to be throwing as much Skyrim related media at you as we can manage.

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MajorJackHoff2365d ago

How many more days, guys? I just can't seem to remember..

sohaben2365d ago

7 more...although if you get it midnight, i suppose you dont have to count today; so SIX

spunwicked2364d ago

It's perhaps the most painful wait for a release ever, I haven't been this pumped since Sonic 2 was released for the Megadrive.