Desperate Families Paying £500 for a Nintendo Wii

A shortage of one of this year's must-have gifts is sure to cause tears and tantrums on Christmas morning.

Chains such as Game, HMV, Woolworths and Tesco say they are receiving more stock only sporadically and the consoles are changing hands for up to £500 on internet auction sites - a huge mark-up on their list price of £179

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MK_Red3914d ago

Another reason for me to hate the new Nintendo beside WiiFit. Nintendo's intentional shortages are hurting both the market and the consumers. The strategy works and every one is looking for sold-out and hard to find Wiis simply because there aren't enough.
People say MS and Sony are evil corporations but just look at Nintendo's strategy with Wii.

stunt2133914d ago

WTF??? That is retarded, i would gladly sell mine for 200$ because wii is boring after i beat metroid 3 and galaxy.

MK_Red3914d ago

Buy and play Zack & Wiki before selling your Wii. It's a great and worthy game that should have recieved the same hype and acclaim as Mario Galaxy but sadly it didn't.

ruibing3914d ago

Instead of spending so much money to buy their kids a console, why not just invest the money into his/her college fund? A parent is not suppose to be a kid's friend; they have to disappoint the kid now and then for their own good.

BrotherNick3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

haha, good point, I'll buy a system for my future kid when he gets As at school. Anyways MK_Red, you can't prove it's intentional. I'll just go the agnostic route and not believe till I see it.

Skerj3914d ago

My friend just sold his and used the money on a car and part of a 60gb PS3. NOW I have to get one for No More Heroes instead of getting the game and playing his. But I also wanted Eternity's Child and the ninja game from the Odin Sphere team as well. I'd support the Wii more if a lot of games like those came out instead of the cheap Gamecube reject shovelware and minigame collections I'm seeing. Nintendo needs to put those QC procedures back that hurt them a while ago, they have the system sales now.

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MK_Red3914d ago

Actually two of my friends just did the same. One sold his 6 months old Wii for $200 while the other one sold his for $330!

BrotherNick3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I bought 2 wiis when they came out, was first in line :P Anyways I sold one for 350 plus shipping :D I recommend people to make some money this season, and sell the wiis for personal gain. I'm evil.

gamesblow3914d ago

Suckers? That's about all that comes to my mind here... Giant Suckers... I'd gladly give them a machine that's just as capable for a steal of a deal... 60 bucks. It's called the Gamecube.

Rooftrellen3913d ago

I'll give you $60k if you can show me a gamecube that can handle Mario Galaxy.

felman873914d ago

I'll give them mine for that much. That's like nearly $1000

aiphanes3914d ago

The avg price on Ebay right now is around $500 for a Wii with Wii Play and an extra numchuck!

Crazy I tell ya!

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The story is too old to be commented.