A one-console future: the games people play

There's been a lot of talk and clamor for a one-console future after the next-gens. This has been met with both anticipation and criticism alike. And it's no wonder, as a lot will change if the future only holds one console.

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Dr Pepper3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

"(and eventually we'll just have a PC)"

And then people will want something just for games, then game consoles will be made and the whole thing starts all over again.

First off, can you really see the big three (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) all agreeing on one specific design and goal? Why do you think the consoles are so different now? It's because people will always have different ideas and plans.

What happens when a group of people split and want to design a different system? What happens when there is a big split in this major game company? What happens when consumers are given low quality products and/or high priced products but have to deal with it because there is no other option?

The fact is, we will eventually go from the one system to multiple. That's the way it has been for every electronic device to date and that's the way it's going to stay.

gamesblow3765d ago

Without competition everything goes under. Look at EA sports... they suck worse now than ever. I will just opt out of gaming altogether if this happens. I won't content specific consoles... the diversity is what drives creativity and that makes everyone try harder for our consumer dollars. With 1 platform the tools would be weaker and the games would be even more generic than they already are. 3rd party publishers would just toss garbage out of their asses like it's bean and cheese night. Atari tried the one console gig and damn near put us under.

1 console means high prices... Lousy software and lack of quality. Enjoy this era, folks. Cause if we do have a unified console next round gaming will never be the same.

INehalemEXI3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

To much growth in the industry for a 1 console future next gen.

Besides Sony, MS and Ninty are most definitley at least in the R&D phase of development for there next gen systems. Early prototypes are even possible at this point imo.

If anyone was to bow out it would be MS imo but they just started making profit from the gaming sector so thats no where near likely now.

I see all 3 companys in it for another generation after the current at least 4 sure.

QuackPot3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Well...maybe...if the big three choose to share the licencing and control.

That's why unlikely. Nintendo and Sony had plenty of time to do that and Nintendo's pretty happy with their choice of going it alone with the DS and Wii.

Consoles are H/W built to last at least 5 years and games are optimized for the H/W over the lifespan.

PCs are H/W built to last at least 5 years ...HOWEVER... the Operating System(ie Windows) and software are not optimized for the hardware over the PC lifespan. Instead, software developers expect PC owners to upgrade their hardware.

This is why consoles will always be around and why there will never be just one console - especially with Microsoft in the console market.

I'm hoping that Sony moves away from consoles and instead focusses on developing a Game OS for PCs optimized for a CORE GAMING PC(fixed specs: eg. 1GB RAM, multicore -CPU, GPU with 256GB RAM). PC manufactures can then compete producing their own PLAYSTATION PC(of various shapes, sizes and prices with Sony controlling the Game OS licence) but the minimum specs are the same. Game developers can then focus on optimizing their games - based on the minimum H/W specs - for the PLAYSTATION PC.

Just like a console, a PLAYSTATION PC would be a one off cheap purchase that will last at least 5 years. Imaging dropping into your local computer shore and checking out the various PLAYSTATION PC and Laptops made by Compaq, Dell, Toshiba etc. You'll know it will play your old copy of KZ2 and the lastest version of GT 3 years on. Awesome.

Damn. If I only had the millions and industry clout, I'd do this myself. But I'm trusting Sony will someday do this. This would be revolutionary to the gaming industry and to PCs per se. Microsoft would be trembling in fear if sony were to do this. Sony's Game OS on the PC could challenge Windows easily as the main OS for a PC.

This is gaming.

blacsheep3765d ago

will never happen

in the slightest cow jumping over a moon possibility that it does....PLEASE GOD DONT LET MICROSOFT DESIGN AND MAKE THE CONSOLE!

worst electronics manufacturer period!

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