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7outof10writes: "For many of my generation, Daytona represents the ultimate arcade multiplayer experience, and the fact that it’s arrived in 2011 with the original code intact marks this as a special release indeed."

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Projekt7tuning2391d ago

Ironically the Daytona International Speedway track wasn't actually featured in the game. Weird huh?
Sega always had the coolest arcade games. Ferrari F355 in the arcade was the sh!t. I wish I had one of those 3 monitor cabinets at home. I feel bad for some of the younger gamers out there. Back in the day going to the arcade was almost magical. The games were new and the graphics were vastly superior to home consoles. About the the time of the Dreamcast, the consoles were catching and surpassing the Arcades. People stopped going to arcades, and now their all but gone. The ones still around don't have that same magic to them because all the games are so old. Oh well, times change. I feel like and old man telling his grandchildren about the war lol. "Back in my day".

Does anyone remember that one Sega game that was a 3d hologram? It was a huge white box that had the little live action cowboy that you controlled. The game was absolute crap but you would play it anyway because it was a hologram. Everyone though that was going to be how all the game in the future would be lol. Good thing that didn't happen. What was the name of that game?