Dueling Guitars in Gameland: MTV and Activision Face Off

Forget the console war, Robert Levine of the New York Times writes:

" of the most watched rivalries is between two games that are not first-person shooters or movie tie-ins. Instead, Activision's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and MTV's Rock Band put players in the role of rock musicians and allow them to play along with songs by bands like Metallica and the Who.

"Both titles could be important to an industry that is trying to reach out to adults, women and anyone lacking interest in a fighting game. Like Nintendo's Wii, the Guitar Hero games have found a receptive mainstream audience, and the earlier versions sold a total of six million copies. In its first week of release, Guitar Hero III had sales of $115 million. Rock Band was released last Tuesday."

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pwnsause3887d ago

I thought it was EA vs. Activision, not MTV vs. Activision.