EA and Starbreeze "Love" the Syndicate IP "as Much as Anyone Else" - AusGamers

In an interview with AusGamers, EA UK's Jeff Gamon, who serves as executive producer on Syndicate, spoke directly to anyone concerned about their reimagining of the IP asking them to "wait and see", and reiterated that EA and Starbreeze "love the IP as much as anyone else".

They also talked a lot about the spirit of the original, Starbreeze's proprierty tech, level design, puzzles, AI and much, much more.

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Dark_Overlord2454d ago

I'm not going to go over what I think about this 'reboot' again. However

"Well I think “wait and see”. Try it. We haven’t... the accusation is just “cashing in”. We at EA and Starbreeze love the IP as much as anyone else and we wanted to bring this back in the form of a game which can actually bear the name Syndicate."

This could be rated the greatest game ever, but guess what, ITS STILL NOT SYNDICATE.