NowGamer - Sonic Generations (PS3) Review

NowGamer - Back in 1997, Sega released a Saturn compilation of its previous Mega Drive titles, called Sonic Jam. Framed by a full 3D hub world, the player could explore in order to access both the games and a significant amount of bonus content.

Sonic Jam broke the mould for retro collections at the time, and continues to be upheld as a shining example of how to celebrate a classic series. But with Sonic Generations, Sega may finally have raised its own bar.

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CynicalVision2426d ago

Wait, what? 8.4/10 for the 360 version?

Solidus187-SCMilk2426d ago

I was reading some reviews on amazon for this game and people seem to really like it from what I read. Many sonic fans are saying that this game finally does Sonic justice after so many average games hes been in lately.

I liked the old sonics and the ones on dreamcast too so I may get this game someday soon, maybe it will go on a big sale soon for holiday shoppers.