The 10 Best Uncharted Moments

NowGamer - With Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception capping off what has been an incredible trilogy, we’ve taken a look back at the best moments of the series so far and discussed why they’re so significant. Read on and enjoy, but remember, you can always tell us about your own special moments in the comment section below.

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ginsunuva2570d ago

That chapter 3 of uc3 was masterfully done.

lsujester2569d ago

Definitely. One of the best parts of the whole series. My only drawback to U3 is this.... near invincible demon pirates, WTF Naughty Dog?!?

Christopher2570d ago

My favorite part of U3 was the chase scene. Tons of detail, very cinematic, kept you in control.

RufustheKing2570d ago

what about seeing the zombie like creatures in UC1 for the first time? that was a great moment.

Christopher2570d ago

I dunno, I kind of expected that considering the setting. I knew something evil was coming, something supernatural.

RufustheKing2570d ago

True but you didn't know when they would come. The scene when eddie gets taken and your running away from them. Priceless.

Thatguy-3102569d ago

The supernatural approach in uncharted 1 was brilliant !!! Second one seemed a little cheesy ...missed one on uncharted 3...was expecting the villain to be some supernatural monster but unfortunately she wasn't :(

RufustheKing2569d ago

I kinda wanted to see what was in that brass vessal.