NowGamer - Gran Turismo 5 DLC: The Verdict

NowGamer - Gran Turismo 5 was released around a year ago, yet we’re only just seeing the first bit of paid DLC. Seeing as we’re used to all of the free patches Polyphony has been providing in the last 12 months, is there enough going on here to make it worth paying Real Money for a few more extras? We had a poke around and came up with some opinions off the back of it.

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Ddouble2176d ago

It's worth it just for Spa

SoapShoes2176d ago

Yeah it was worth it for me. I wasn't going to get the paints but decided to get the bundle and glad I did. Those paints are pretty cool.

Bounkass2176d ago

Spa ftw. Now I'd like to see Zandvoort and Hockenheim.

GMWPS32175d ago

Definitely worth it for Spa alone! Though the 2.0 update did a good job of improving the physics even further.

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