Top 3 Reasons Why GTA V Graphics Will Remain Supreme (Analysis)

Pinoytutorial: Here's a thorough analysis showing the top reasons why GTA V graphics will be better than all of its predecessors and might blow away the minds of gamers next year.

By using Rockstar's historical influence on developing high-grade titles, graphics engine development and a trailer from GTA IV, we've collected substantial leads all pointed for the improvement of GTA V graphics next year.

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swishersweets200312327d ago

after watching that old snip of part IVs trailer... i just got a bad feeling about the new one.

Will this be another over hyped turd?
I got a bad feeling about it.

Trenta272327d ago

I agree with others in saying it will have a old school GTA vibe, but with the great storytelling that Rockstar showed with GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.

swishersweets200312327d ago

i bought the game brand new and was excited for about 1/4 of the game.. then i litterally was skipping cut scenes.. and then a year later i tried to give it another go around and watched it threw and it still sucked.. by the time i tried to play it for the fourth time.. i never wanted to play it ever again. part four was so bad for me i couldnt even attempt to play my dlc i bought for it. it just gave me such a bad impression so bad i couldnt get over it

Tanir2327d ago

already is an over hyped turd. Gta4 was a horrible GTA game.

i miss how they used to be, Chinatown wars on psp was a good turn.

just needs to focus more on the fun again

kramun2327d ago

'Gta4 was a horrible GTA game. '

No it wasn't, It was just different.

TLG19912327d ago

i wish people would stop going on about this "overhype" like its the games fault. if your stupid enough to listen to it all and get your self so excited about it to the point your going to be disapointed its your problem no one elses and dont brand the game a bad because you dont have any relistic view of what the game will actually be! i thought they did an amazing job with gta iv and GTA is the only game i never need to worry about being fantastic!

Pintheshadows2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Bubble for your intelligence Threepwood.

Supplemental. Consider that this will be a large open world game and the graphics look great. It has an old school GTA vibe about it.

Also I love games so much I can't really overhype them for myself anymore. Which is awesome!

lykaice2327d ago

Expect campaigns to flow before the end of this year..