What Pandaren really mean to World of Warcraft

VideoGamer - Mists of Pandaria, the next expansion to be added to World of Warcraft's roster, has been stirring up controversy since Blizzard announced it. In part you can blame the doe-eyed teddy-sensibilities it brings to the franchise - playable pandas and a Pokemon sub-game smack of an expansion that is absolutely not designed for World of Warcraft's hardcore players. Still, despite WoW's older fanbase bemoaning the Pandaren as a race of Pixar B-sides, it's not entirely out of character for the studio to loosen its grip around MMO traditionalists.

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MajorJackHoff2270d ago

Oh look it's a panda. What a...really lame race for a video game.

SnakeCQC2270d ago

kung fu pandas thats awesome!

Saryk2270d ago

Do you guys realize if you play a panda will be like putting a bullseye on your forehead!