Indian Gaming Companies Ready for Action

Forget everything you know (or don't) about Bollywood, Indian gaming companies are gearing up for action. It is understood that Dhruva Interactive, a 10-year-old game development company, is close to receiving a $10-million private equity investment.

K Rajesh Rao, CEO of Dhruva Interactive, told Hindustan Times: "The past year has seen a lot of marketing buzz created by big players like Sony and Microsoft for their respective games. That is true also of online game portals like and All this is also creating awareness about gaming, which is crucial for the market in India."

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Capt CHAOS3919d ago

Lol, close to getting an investment. I have nothing against the indian gaming industry but I do really want..

a) All cut-scenes to be a bollywood music track?
b) Come out of a cut-scene only to find that the weather,location,clothing have all changed?
c) Be referred to as 'Tony' or 'Johnny' in an indian accent..

Lol, But they could do well to add some hot asian(indian) bases doing some hip action to gun fire.. Lol

skillshot3919d ago

It would be interesting to see how Indian games turn out. Not all western games are similar to Hollywood films, and Japanese games are closer to anime then the likes of Battle Royale and Grudge.

I dont think an Indian game would appeal to me (as Japanese dont either) but it would be interesting to see what they send out.

Also, the market in India might match Japan in years to come.