Capcom: Operation Raccoon City a 'response to fans'

Mike Jones, a producer on Capcom's upcoming title Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, took a few minutes to chat with one of the Game Guys about the game.

"Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is an interesting step for Capcom" said Jones. "Resident Evil has traditionally been a survival/horror franchise and a little bit slower-paced, a little meatier in a horror type of game. Operation Racoon City is much more of an action sort-of third-person gameplay experience."

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TheBlackMask2454d ago


No one asked for this crap

", but we've always been asked by fans to make a fully-fledged TPS action game,"

Who.....honestly, who has ever asked for a TPS "ACTION" Resident Evil game. Outbreak 3...yeah but not this.

This is why I hope this game fails, they've come to a point now where Capcom have to get crappy cheap developers to milk their franchises and even BS to themselfs, making stuff up when non of it is true.

What was the number 1 thing people complained about in RE5.....the ACTION element which overtook the Horror element. You don't go "Oh people are complaining about the action...guess they love it and want a TPS action RE game.", how stupid do you have to be.

Please guys don't buy this crap when it comes out, the only way Capcom are going to learn is if you put your foot down, like dmc aswekk, and don't buy it. Even if you want to give it a chance....just wait, wait untill it's in the bargain bin so you don't give Capcom any money.

Tuxmask552453d ago

I'm getting it. Maybe not on release day, but I will get it.

zeeshan2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

@theblackmask: I could not have said it better my friend. Bravo!!!!!

GunofthePatriots2453d ago

don't forget to add some overpriced dlc....

MeatAbstract2453d ago

Then they really don't know their fans.

videoxgamexfanboy2453d ago

I want out break3! Ah yes the good ole days...i remember my friend was downed getting attacked by zombies and he was using the girl character, he called out for help and i was like "noooo" lol shit was so funny...bring outbreak 3 crapcom not this garbage!

MrCrimson2453d ago

who the hell asked for SOCOM:OPERATION RACOON CITY.

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The story is too old to be commented.