Original Gamer Review - Fate/Extra

Original Gamer: "For those who are not familiar with Fate/stay Night, it started off as a Visual Novel by a company called Type-Moon. The story is centered on an event called The Holy Grail Wars, and the main protagonist’s forced participation in the war. It spawned off into the usual suspects of media: anime, light novels and of course, video games. This brings us to the game we are looking at today, Fate/Extra on the PSP, which is a spinoff of the Fate/stay night series."

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Redempteur2426d ago

good game ..currently enjoying it

Tanir2426d ago

waiting for mine, it comes tommorow.

did you see the Fate Unlimited Blade Works Movie? Freakin completely epic man

Redempteur2426d ago

i've played and seen ( as of now ) everything about the "NASU" universes.
Yep, even carnival fantasm S2.

NOw tanir i order you to watch FATE/ZERO

Tanir2426d ago

haha nice! well I am going to watch Zero when it comes out in america....if its like Garden of sinners Im going to have to watch it with subtitles. i dont mind subtitles when i watch stuff on my pc, but when me and my fiance watch stuff on the Big hd tv its not as easy to read and watch, and im a character designer/ artist so i love to see the art.

i had to eat that fact and watch Unlimited blade works twice lol.