IGN - Get to Know Your Vita Game Boxes

IGN - Underneath that comforting blue label lies a world of possibilities.

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2362d ago
MasterCornholio2362d ago

Now for Vita boxes VS 3DS boxes.

Let the fanboy wars begin.



cpayne932361d ago

Dear God let's hope it doesn't get that stupid. You never know...

MasterCornholio2361d ago

There was a comparison article a long time ago comparing the PS3 cases to the 360. Boy was there a huge fight.


cpayne932361d ago

Seriously??? Well... I guess I can imagine it considering some of the stuff you see on websites.

GirlyGamer2361d ago

They're lucky one of my favorite colors a blue :) I love matching

topgun332361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

i thought we in the us were supposed to also get ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 as a launch title

Agheil2360d ago

LOOL but 4 real companies need fanboy wars to drive competition between eachother and its also very entertaining on websites LOL