IGN - 5 Reasons Modern Warfare 3 Won't Disappoint

IGN - Call of Duty is nothing short of a juggernaut, and for good reason.

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Saryk2448d ago

As I stated years ago. COD is a fast paced quick game, Battlefield is a group strike, long paced game. It is no different than comparing Red Orchestra 2 to World at War.

There is no best FPS, RTS, RPG, console, PC, etc. The reason why? It is opinion based and always changing......

NuclearDuke2448d ago

There is a best FPS, RTS, RPG, console, etc. To each his own. One find what he or she likes better than the rest.

Some like Pepsi, some like Cola. The only reason between Sodas and Video Games is that the users of Video Games have to bitch about the product they do not like.

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360ICE2447d ago

I bitch about Pepsi all the time.

Anyway, personal list:
Reason 1: No expectations
Reason 2: Not gonna buy it
Reason 3: Kinect support already disproved.

I'm sure it'll be okaaay.

StraightPath2448d ago

Well hopefully MW3 campaign will be much better then BF3s.

Ahh i remember the hype of BF3 and people bashing MW3 and look what happen...

Stewie2k82448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

yes what did happen? battlefield 3s multiplayer has kicked modern warfare 3s ass already, i havent played modern warfare 3 but i have played every other 1 and we all know they are all the same. People also complainging about battlefield 3s single player are stupid, i dont know where to begin on that.

StraightPath2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Well the thing is..COD and BF have two distinct multiplayer styles.

COD is focused on fast paced run and gun with quick reactions, that some people love and BF focuses on large combat on large maps with vehicles.

COD = Rambo
BF = Being apart of a bigger picture ( well somtimes you can be rambo and beast on i guess lol )

BF MP has not kicked modern warfares 3 ass as some people will prefer the fast paced nature then the slow paced running across large maps and getting into the action and getting sniped from someone that is camping in a bush on a hill 1 mile away lol..

All down to personal choice friend.

gorebago2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

lol @KiLLUMiNATi_89

i'm looking forward to it for the sole reason of playing new maps on domination mode

geth1gh2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Yea, bf3 is all about muliplayer. To be honest, that is all I care about these days. I am so bored of playing with ai, no matter how epic the story line is.

Seriously, when you pay $65 for a game, are you going to be worried about the single player that you spend 8-12 hours on or the multiplayer that you spend 200+ hours on???

As for the bf3 kicking mw3 ass in mp comment, I guess we meant in originality because in no way can you say it is just a giant mod for the last battlefield.

As for cod, I have been saying that IS the case for every one cod4. So yea it might be a sweet gamestyle but after waw, mw2, and black ops, I am willing to say nothing will extremely new will be added to gameplay to mw3.

I mean if you like it, then cool. Not hating. I just personally get tired of repetitiveness. Not to mention I prefer playing a game that actually makes you feel like a badass in the middle of a very believable warzone.

Clarence2448d ago

What do you mean look what happen? BF3 sold 5m in a week great numbers. Know one in their right mind would think that It would outsell MW3.

As far as campaign goes... Its a small percent that play it. You actually think MW would sell like it does if it only a single player campaign.

IMO the campaign for FPS are boring. You save the world or country from alien invaders or foreign countries that invade. If you die you repeat that part of the level over while the AI does the same thing over.

The hype for BF3 was well deserve. Im enjoying every bit of it.
I remember how people bashed BF3 and look what happen 5m sold and still going.

MW is garbage, but thats my opinion.

Solidus187-SCMilk2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

HAHAHAH I bought dark souls for 20$ the day it came out and am finally at the last boss.... AND HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 70+ hours.

Games dont have to be multiplayer to get lots of hours worth of entertainment(although dark souls can be played with others too).

I am not excited for battlefeild of COD despite FPS being my favorite type of game.

But it is funny to see how suddenly single player doesnt matter and its "all about the multiplayer" when battlefield 3 comes out. Yet when the last COD games have come out people on this site and the internet as a whole bash constantly about the short singleplayer.

If its all about the multiplayer and SP doesnt matter than I guess COD is pretty good too right??/ Or does SP suddenly matter when COD comes out with a short one again?

Septic2447d ago

Ahh i remember the hype of BF3 and people bashing MW3 and look what happen..."

What happened? We got a stellar multiplayer experience that completely eclipses Call of Duty. BF3 is head and shoulders above any Call of Duty game.

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papashango2448d ago

Dammmmmn ign is itching to give cod a10.

SkylineR2447d ago

That "article" has paid advertisement written all over it...

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TheBlackMask2448d ago

IGN are COD you know

Solidus187-SCMilk2448d ago

they are also uncharted fanboys I guess too right?

TheBlackMask2448d ago

Just because they give it a 10/10 can't deny a good game.

They always go on about COD, hype it up, make it out to be amazing yet complain about it like the rest of the COD fanboys 5 months later. It will get a 9/10 score...

2448d ago
Akth8r2448d ago

From 1:48 constantly play and pause until you get a clear image of the MW3 box at 1:49, what do you see?

The credibilty of IGN's opinion on this game is worth shit, not thats game reviews are worth anything to me, but some do point out some things such as game breaking bugs/ glitches etc.


20million fans think it won't dissapoint.

Septic2447d ago

Yeah but who cares about Justin Bieber fans...

Oh no wait you were talking about MW3.

- I do hope MW3 is good; I reckon I'll get it on consoles if its good but I'm not getting my hopes up.

dirthurts2448d ago

While I am a Battlefield lover, I have to admit that some of the changes that the COD game has made, (eliminating killstreaks and moving to points is a big one) impress me with this tittle.
While there are only small tweaks to the game, and minimal visual improvement I still expect the game to be great.
I love Battlefield for what it is, and I enjoy COD for what it is.
Both great games and both will be enjoyed.

PSX992448d ago

where did you see they eliminated killstreaks?

geth1gh2448d ago

They are still there, it is just on a point system. So you get the streaks for kills and for actually doing objectives like capturing flags and what not.

As much as distaste I have for this game after the last few installments, I will say this is a great idea for people to be "team" players in game modes outside of team deathmatch.

Frood2448d ago

0 Reasons why I don't give a f**k.

StraightPath2448d ago

lovely you cared enough to comment that you dont give a f**k

Relientk772448d ago

So clearly you DO give a f**k, because you commented

Frood2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

lol, I'm bored. 8 weeks off work cause I nearly cut my thumb off and can't play any games at the mo. Well, can just manage with keyboard and mouse, it's been a long time...

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