8 Things I Noticed About the GTA V Trailer

After a frame-by-frame analysis, even checking between some of those frames, D.D. Nunavut has come up with some fascinating theories for GTA V based on the evidence on the recently released trailer, including the stealth announcement of a Bully sequel and a guest appearance by Portal's Chell.

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Trenta272304d ago

I agree with the mustard gas. Other then that, WTF?

CapsLocke2304d ago

I guess he's ran out of the ideas, or trying to be funny.

Frood2304d ago Show
Tanir2304d ago

one thing i noticed about the gta v trailer........No one will STFU about what they noticed about it. its Teaser, didn't show much gameplay, no combat, its not a big deal. people act like because they showed a few vehicles it must be revolutionary.

GTA3 revolutionized sandbox games or made them, unless there is something ground breaking in this trailer (which there isnt) then i dunno why everyone is picking it apart.

don't you guys have games that are out now you should be playing?

JJRivers2304d ago

You didn't read her last point, did you Tanir?